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WWE news on Paige’s future following her retirement (updated)

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WWE news on Paige’s future following her retirement (updated)

Paige might be done with her in-ring career but she does have many options going forward. The word backstage at Raw is that Monday night was her last TV appearance but she’ll be back at some point to promote the movie on her life and family titles “Fighting With My Family.”

Paige was also part of the crew filming content for “Total Divas” over the weekend in New Orleans so she will be part of the coming season. The “Total Divas” production crew was at Raw and her retirement speech will also be included in the upcoming season.

There has been talk of Paige being brought backstage at some point to work in the Performance Center in Orlando. It works out well for her since she lives in the area. She also has outside offers and there are independent companies that would jump at the chance to book her for appearances since she has name value.

One of the reasons why it was decided to take her off TV and not keep her as the manager of Absolution is that she is on the no-contact list so she couldn’t get involved physically in any storylines.

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