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WWE news on post-WrestleMania plans for Roman Reigns



Roman Reigns is destined to be the face of WWE whether smark fans like it or not. But the Big Dog's journey won't end after WrestleMania where he is likely to walk away as the Universal Champion and he needs people to line up and face him as he starts his reign as champion.

Samoa Joe hasn't had the best luck in the injury department but that comes from years of breaking his body in two for Impact Wrestling, ROH, and everywhere else he ventured. But The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted the current line-up for the European tour after WrestleMania will feature Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns throughout the tour.

This could be a very good sign that the two will be mixing it up which is a good thing for Joe if he comes right into a top storyline.

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However, it's likely Samoa Joe will merely be used as a guy for Roman Reigns to put down as the Big Dog's reign as Universal Champion continues.

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