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WWE news on the WrestleMania finish, what Brock Lesnar said to the referee before the match started

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WWE news on the WrestleMania finish, what Brock Lesnar said to the referee before the match started

By now, most fans know why Brock Lesnar kept the WWE Universal Championship coming out of WrestleMania 34. Nowadays, so much leaks out but they were able to keep the finish of the match a secret because so many key people were left in the dark. It probably helps that Lesnar deals directly with Vince McMahon.

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the script for the WrestleMania main event listed Reigns as getting the pin after hitting the 5th spear on Lesnar as he bounced off the ropes. Instead, what ended up happening, was that Reigns came off the ropes but Lesnar picked him up and hit the sixth F5 and then pinned him to end the match.

Referee Chad Patton was given a heads up as he got in the ring. Lesnar said something to him along the lines of “make sure to count to three when the shoulders are down,” which is something he wouldn’t have said if he was booked to lose the match. It’s similar to what happened when Lesnar defeated The Undertaker to break the streak a few years ago.

Michael Hayes, one of the key people backstage, was the person who laid out the match with Lesnar, Reigns and Heyman and he was reportedly not told about Lesnar going over and he was under the impression that Reigns was going to win after hitting several spears. When Lesnar pinned Reigns, everyone backstage was shocked but it was clear that Lesnar did not go into business for himself.

All eyes are on The Greatest Royal Rumble show. Nobody, aside from Vince McMahon, Lesnar and Heyman, know what the terms are for Lesnar’s new deal so it’s not a guarantee that he will drop the title in Saudi Arabia but if McMahon still wants to go with Reigns as his top guy, then that would be the right time for Reigns to win.

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