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WWE news on what is going on with Bray Wyatt

Several readers have emailed us to ask what is going on with Bray Wyatt.

As noted last night, Wyatt posted tweets during Raw and basically said “goodbye” to his fans. On the surface, it may sound like he’s leaving WWE but that is not the case.

Wyatt is scheduled to return to live events at the end of this month. He is also scheduled for live events in January. It was reported several months ago by Dave Meltzer that there was talk in WWE about giving the character a makeover so that is likely what is going on here. One idea that was pitched was to put the Wyatt family back together. We’ll see if that is what happens when Wyatt returns to WWE TV in January.

There’s an article on about his deleted tweets and the tweets posted on Monday night. The article points out that Wyatt referred to himself as “we” in his final post. That could be a hint that he is not coming alone when he returns to WWE TV.

Click here to see Wyatt’s tweets.

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