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WWE News: Reason why Stephanie McMahon came out for the Vince McMahon-Kevin Owens angle



On Sunday's Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed the show-closing angle from Smackdown Live. Meltzer noted that Stephanie McMahon was supposed to come out with a towel because they wanted the visual of the white towel soaked in blood.

"Stephanie was supposed to have the towel but I guess like it was supposed to be like bleeding all over the towel but I guess that didn't happen but that is why Stephanie came out," Meltzer said.

As noted on Saturday, the blood was planned and the fact that Stephanie was supposed to come out with a towel is more evidence that that the blood was not accidental, despite what some people have speculated on social media. The ringside doctor had a towel in his hand but it was not used to wipe the blood from McMahon's forehead. So, the only thing I can think of is that McMahon called an audible and told her not to use the towel or she forgot.

Either way, it looks like the angle was a success. All indications are that the angle generated more interest for Smackdown Live because the ratings were up for McMahon's return and the angle has been watched by 3 million people on YouTube which could mean that more people will be turning in for the follow-up on this coming Tuesday's show.

WWE News: Update on Rusev and his plans to take out a legend

Rusev hasn't wrestled much on WWE TV in recent weeks but there are plans for him, despite rumors going around regarding his future with his company. On last week's episode of Smackdown Live, he said that he was looking to take out a legend.

In the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter, there's a short line in there about the plans for Rusev. The reason why Rusev lost quickly at SummerSlam was not that they were punishing him but it's part of a long-term storyline and the plans at the time were for the Orton/Rusev storyline to continue.

There's still plenty of time between now and Hell in a Cell and it does look like Orton/Rusev will be added soon. Many years ago, Orton called himself the Legend Killer. Apparently, the idea now is that Orton is the legend that Rusev is trying to kill off.

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Orton faced Rusev at this weekend's live events in Hawaii and Japan.

As of this writing, here are the matches that have been announced for the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view:

WWE Championship
Jinder Mahal (Champion) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Hell in a Cell Match
Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens

Also, there is another Hell in a Cell match that will likely be added to the show. We won't spoil it here but you can click here if you want to read more.

The WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view will air on Sunday, October 8 from the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, MI.

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