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WWE originally announced that there would be a Bloodline Acknowledgement Ceremony, only to cancel it and instead announce a Trial of Sami Zayn segment to take place on Monday’s Raw 30 anniversary show.

Some fans thought this might have something to do with The Rock not working WrestleMania 39, as WWE had hoped he would wrestle Roman Reigns at the upcoming show. That is not the case, as the company knew for a while that Rock wouldn’t work the show.

Dave Meltzer reported in the F4WOnline daily update that Afa and Sika weren’t ready to make the trip, and Rikishi was sick, so WWE just nixed the entire segment.

Meltzer wrote, “The change was made because Afa & Sika & Rikishi were all not going to be able to be there. They were to be the key people, but Afa & Sika were not ready for the trip and Rikishi got sick this week so the idea basically fell apart. Creative was changed with The Bloodline story on Friday to reflect the change in Raw, a what happened was not what was originally scripted to happen.”

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