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WWE No Mercy 2016 PPV results: Orton vs. Wyatt, Ambrose vs. Cena vs. Styles

Show: No Mercy
Location: Sacramento, California
Date: 10/9/16
Airing Live On The WWE Network

Welcome to the No Mercy Pre-Show on the WWE Network. Renee Young, Booker T, Jerry Lawler and Lita hyped the show. A video package for the Randy Orton – Bray Wyatt match is shown. Booker T picks Orton to win the match. There was a backstage segment with Alexa Bliss, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan. McMahon told Bliss that Becky Lynch is unable to compete tonight due to medical issues. Bliss doesn’t care about Lynch’s injury and thinks she should be SmackDown Women’s Champion. Bryan booked Bliss against Lynch at the November 8th episode of SmackDown Live. Bliss will compete tonight but her opponent was not announced.

The Usos took fan questions via Twitter during a backstage segment with Tom Philips. Usos talked about why they changed their characters (heels) and challenging for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles tonight. Nikki Bella joined the panel to hype her match with Carmella.

Curt Hawkins walked down to the ring but did not wrestle. Hawkins cut a promo and announced that his return match will take place on Tuesday’s SmackDown Live.

Eight-Man Tag Team Match: American Alpha and Hype Bros vs. The Vaudevillians and The Ascension.

Gable and English started things off. Gable landed a series of right hands. Jordan was tagged in, hit a hip toss and a drop kick. Ryder was tagged in and worked over the left arm of English. Viktor was tagged in and hit a shoulder block to Viktor. Rawley was tagged in and knocked Viktor down. Konnor was tagged in and landed a right hand to Rawley. Rawley with a flap jack. Things broke down in the ring and the babyfaces clotheslines the heels to the floor.

We’re back with Viktor in control of Ryder. The Ascension beat down Ryder while taunting Rawley. Moments later, Jordan got the hot tag and hit a series of suplexes to English then a spear in the corner and another suplex. Gotch broke up the pin attempt. Ryder took out Konnor while Gable took out Viktor. Jordan and Gable hit their finisher on English for the win.

Winners: American Alpha and Hype Bros

Welcome to the No Mercy PPV event and we get an opening video package. The following match kicks off the show…

Triple Threat WWE Title Match: AJ Styles © vs. John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose

There was a chant for Styles and Cena before the match. Ambrose kicked Cena and went for the Dirty Deeds. Cena blocked and hit a double clothesline. Styles put the boots to Cena in the corner. Ambrose dropkicks Styles out of the ring. Ambrose tossed Cena into the barricade. Cena sent Ambrose into the barricade and then Styles hit an outside dive to Cena. Styles sent Cena back into the ring and knocked him down. Ambrose used the top rope to his advantage on Styles. Ambrose went for a suplex but Styles reversed it. Cena hit a german suplex to Styles and Ambrose. Styles kicked Ambrose to the floor. Cena sent Styles into the corner and hit a powerslam for 2. Styles caught Cena with a back kick. Ambrose rolled up Styles for 2. Styles hit a double DDT to Styles and Ambrose. Ambrose was launched to the floor by Styles. Cena suplexed Styles. Styles fought back and hit a spinning powerbomb for 2. Cena locked in a headlock after landing some right hands. Ambrose ran in and locked in a headlock on Cena. Cena fought out and hit a series of shoulder blocks. Cena with a side slam but Styles hit a german suplex and then a front suplex for 2. Ambrose hit a front suplex for 2 as well. Cena took out Ambrose and hit some shoulder blocks to Styles. Ambrose went to the top rope and landed an elbow drop for 2.

Styles hit a series of chops to Ambrose and then hit a hurricanrana off the top rope. Ambrose reversed and rolled him up for 2. Styles reversed a move and rolled him up for 2. They hit a double clothesline. Cena hit a 10-knuckle shuffle on them. Cena hit an AA to Styles but Styles rolled out of the ring. Cena hit an AA to Ambrose for 2. Cena locked in the STF on Ambrose but Styles broke it up. Cena sent Styles to the apron but Styles hit a brainbuster on the apron. Back in the ring, Styles hit a 450 splash to Ambrose for 2. Styles went for a spring board move but Ambrose kicked him in the gut. Styles raked the eyes and hit the Styles Clash to Ambrose. Cena locked in the STF on Styles but Ambrose stopped it and put the knees to Cena. Cena picked up both guys and went for a double AA but Styles got out of it and Cena sent Styles into Ambrose. Styles kicked Cena in the head and then Ambrose clotheslines Styles. Cena hit a powerbomb to Ambrose for 2. Styles went to the top rope and hit a dive but Cena caught him and went for the AA but Styles reversed and locked in the Calf Crusher but Ambrose broke it up. Ambrose tripped Styles and locked in the Calf Crusher but Cena came along and locked in the STF, which saw Styles tap out.

The referee waved off the call and the match continued. Cena and Ambrose brawl in the ring. Cena with a big clothesline. Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds to Cena but Styles pulled out the referee. Ambrose took out Styles with an outside dive. Cena picked up Ambrose on the middle rope and hit the AA. Styles hit Cena with a chair to the back for the win.

Winner: Styles.

A video package for Orton vs. Wyatt is shown.

Singles Match: Nikki Bella vs. Carmella.

They start brawling and Carmella sent her to the floor then into the apron. Carmella sent her into the ring post and back into the ring. Carmella locked in a headlock but Bella fought out of it. Bella landed some right hands then hit a springboard kick for 2. Bella hit a front suplex for 2. Bella sent her into the corner and Carmella hit a hurricanrana. Bella rolled her up for 2. Carmella hit a face buster and locked in her submission finisher for 2. Bella with a big right hand. Carmella with a trip and then locked in her leg submission but Bella got out of it. Carmella with a series of right hands but Bella fought back and hit her finisher for the win.

Winner: Bella.

We see Miz and Maryse talking with McMahon and Bryan backstage. Miz vowed to retire Ziggler tonight. Miz said that Bryan helped Ziggler’s retirement. Miz said that he wants to renegotiate his contract after his match tonight.

SmackDown Tag Team Title Match: Heath Slater and Rhyno © vs. The Usos

Jimmy and Slater started things off. Jimmy knocked him down and then tagged in Jey, who hit a suplex. Jey went for a suplex but Slater reversed and tagged in Rhyno, who hit a series of clotheslines to Jey. Rhyno with a shoulder block and a belly-to-belly suplex. Rhyno knocked down Jimmy but Jey drop kicked him. Jimmy was tagged in and hit a back splash for 2. Jimmy hit a flying headbutt for 2. Jey was tagged in and hit a neck breaker then tagged in Jimmy, who hit a baseball slide. Jey hit a kick to the gut of Rhyno but Rhyno fought back and hit a spinebuster. Slater got the hot tag and hit a series of clotheslines to Jimmy. Slater with a slam for 2. Slater rolled up Jimmy for 2 and then Jimmy hit a samoan drop for 2. Rhyno sent Jimmy into the apron. Jey took out Rhyno and then landed a right hand to Slater. Jey went to the top rope but Slater cut him off with a powerslam off the top rope for 2. Jey with a super kick to Slater and then tagged in Jimmy. Jimmy took out the left knee of Slater while Rhyno hit the GORE to Jey. Jimmy locked in a single leg boston crab but Rhyno broke it up. Slater got the hot tag to Rhyno and went for the GORE and hit it for the win.

Winners: Rhyno and Slater.

Wyatt cut a backstage promo hyping his match with Orton.

Singles Match: Baron Corbin vs. Jack Swagger.

They start brawling and then Swagger sent Corbin into the barricade and announce table. Back in the ring, Corbin landed a series of right hands and put the boots to him. Corbin worked over the left hand of Swagger. Corbin tackled him into the corner. Swagger fought back and hit a big clothesline and another one in the corner. Swagger hit a back suplex followed by a splash for 2. Swagger went for the ankle lock but Corbin blocked and hit a side slam for 2. Corbin with a big right hand. Swagger with a clothesline for 2. Swagger locked in the ankle lock but Corbin grabbed the apron. Corbin with a poke to the yes and then his finisher to Swagger for the win.

Winner: Swagger.

There was a video package for Miz vs. Ziggler.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match (Career vs. Title): The Miz © vs. Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler went right after Miz and missed a super kick. Ziggler went for a drop kick but Miz blocked it and sent him to the floor. Ziggler ran back into the ring and hit a drop kick sending Miz outside the ring. Ziggler sent him into the barricade and the ring. Miz kicked him in the gut and Ziggler dropkicked him for 2. Miz hit a big boot for 2 and then sent him throat first into the bottom rope. Miz worked over Ziggler’s back and then hit a neck breaker for 2. Miz landed a series of drop kicks in the corner then mocked Bryan. Ziggler hit a drop kick out of the corner. Ziggler hit a series of clotheslines and then a beck breaker and an elbow drop for 2. Ziggler went for the fameasser but Miz blocked and Ziggler rolled him up for 2. Miz kicked him in the fall and went for a pin attempt but used the middle rope and the referee saw it and stopped him. Miz went for a spear but Ziggler moves and rolled him up for 2. Ziggler went for a DDT but Miz blocked and hit one of his own for 2.

Miz kicked Ziggler in the left leg while in the corner and went for the figure four leg lock but Ziggler rolled him up for 2. Mz with a clothesline in the corner and then went to the top rope but Ziggler knocked him down. Miz fought back and went for a powerbomb but Ziggler reversed it. Miz tripped him and locked in the figure four leg lock but Ziggler grabbed the bottom rope. Maryse got on the apron to distract the referee and Miz undid a turnbuckle. Ziggler with the Ruff Ryder. Miz sent him into the exposed turnbuckle and hit a powerbomb for 2. Miz with a series of kicks but missed a head kick and Ziggler hit the Zig Zag for a near fall. Ziggler missed a big boot and then rolled up Miz for 2. Ziggler locked in the sleeper hold but Miz got on the bottom rope. Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale but Ziggler put his foot on the rope to stop the count. Miz hit a series of right hands. Miz ripped of Ziggler’s boot and Ziggler hit a super kicked. Maryse motioned for the Spirit Squad to run down and they distracted the referee. Ziggler knocked them off the apron and Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale for 2. The referee sent Maryse and the Spirit Squad to the back. Ziggler with a super kick for the win.

Winner: Ziggler.

Bliss cut a promo in the ring about injuring Lynch and how no one in the arena can beat her. Naomi then walked down to the ring.

Singles Match: Naomi vs. Alexa Bliss

They lock up and Bliss knocked her down then put the boot to her. Naomi fought back with a series of kicks. Bliss sent her over the top rope to the apron and took her feet out from under her. Bliss worked over her left arm with knee drops. Bliss put the boots to her and then she missed a splash in the corner and Naomi hit a facebuster. Naomi with a drop kick and then the rear-view for 2. Bliss knocked her down and locked in an armbar but Naomi rolled her up for the win.

Winner: Naomi.

A series of graphics for the upcoming Hell in a Cell PPV event were shown.

Singles Match: Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt.

They start brawling. Orton sent Wyatt into the steps and landed a right hand. Wyatt sent him into the barricade and then mocked Orton. Wyatt landed some more right hands and hit a DDT on the apron. Wyatt hit a powerslam and then went to the middle rope but Orton put a big boot up. Orton with a series of right hands and landed some uppercuts. Orton with a clothesline then a snap suplex for 2. Orton went for the middle rope DDT but Wyatt blocked and hit a shoulder block. Wyatt sent him into the barricade and then back in the ring Orton hit a few powerslams and was about to hit the RKO when the lights went out and Luke Harper appeared when they came back on. Wyatt hit Sister Abigail on Orton for the win.

Winner: Orton.

Harper and Wyatt celebrated in the ring to close the show.

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