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WWE not happy with the Alberto Del Rio situation; trouble brewing with WWE/Mysterio

Last night we noted that Rey Mysterio appeared on a taped video interview at the end of the TripleMania pay-per-view. Rey Mysterio is still under contract so this will probably cause problems with WWE. Apparently the clip was only supposed to air to the live audience but some of it aired on the telecast. Mysterio’s deal is not up until at least April (or May) of next year.

Alberto El Patron (Del Rio) noted during his promo that he’s under a 90 day no compete in Mexico and one year non compete for the United States but he’s not getting paid because of “unprofessional conduct.” He didn’t wrestle at TripleMania but he did get involved physically twice in the show.

During Del Rio’s promo he started his promo by saying that he left a racist organization. WWE definitely won’t be happy with that since about 20 percent of their audience in the United States is hispanic and a larger percentage is hispanic in the southwest United States.

WWE is said to not be happy with how things are unfolding.

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