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WWE NXT 2.0 star Joe Gacy says he is not canceled

Joe Gacy was back on this week’s episode of WWE NXT 2.0.

He started out by saying that he is not canceled and that he is inclusive. Gacy said that he is in NXT 2.0 to “usher the world into a new normal.”

When Gacy talked about being “canceled,” he was referencing to last week’s segment being pulled from WWE’s website and social media accounts. WWE pulled his segment after news outlets such as FOX News and The Daily Mail wrote headlines such as “WWE bodyslams the woke left: New character Joe Gacy says he ‘doesn’t need to use male privilege’ to get what he wants before he sweeps opponent into a HUG.”

The verbiage from last week’s promo included the following:

“NXT 2.0 is full of conflict, from the smallest microaggression to the most heinous grudges. This is a place where we settle our differences

“I come to you tonight with a mindset of conflict resolution where I don’t need to use my male privilege to get what I want.

“I understand just like you that life isn’t fair. I believe that we can achieve unity and tolerance for us all, and I can be the man that will show you we can achieve peace in this safe space. And it starts tonight!””

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