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WWE NXT Champion Keith Lee responds to concerns that he does too much as a big guy, his thoughts on Terry Taylor



Keith Lee appeared on Busted Open Radio this week after he defeated Adam Cole to win the North American Championship at WWE NXT: The Great American Bash. Lee now holds the North American and NXT Championship.

Here are some highlights:

Bully Ray asked Keith Lee who he has been the biggest help to him in NXT and who did he learn from the most: “Obviously I picked a lot of different brains. I sat with a lot of different people even if we just had random conversations, I learned what I can because I wasn’t around a lot of these guys coming up as I did. If I had to say that somebody helped me the most, that would absolutely go to Terry Taylor. He has shaped a lot of what you see today and I feel like he has been an enormous help.”

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Bully told Lee that he feels he needs to protect his size a little bit more and asked if he feels he is a little too generous and is this something that ever concerns him, as an example, having to bump for guys considerably smaller than him: “Sometimes there is a bit of a concern but I do my best to work within the realms of what I’m given. I think personally it took a lot for Adam Cole to get me off my feet. We have never wrestled on television so that was our first match. I know I got kicked so many times before I went down. So, to me, not only did I protect myself in that match, and please, feel free to go back and watch it, but that guy is a champ and he has been a champ for a long time. If one does not respect the person they are in the ring with, how can you receive respect back. So, yea, there is some concern because there are so many situations. There are size differences. But, I don’t think being generous in creating a competitive atmosphere is necessarily harmful under the right circumstances.”

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