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Triple H held talent meeting about NXT’s move to Tuesday nights

The Wednesday Night Wars will be over between AEW Dynamite and WWE as NXT is slated to move to Tuesday nights starting on April 13th.

Throughout the time these two shows have gone head-to-head, Dynamite has one the majority of the ratings war in both total viewership and most of the demographics including the all-important 18-49.

Dave Meltzer noted on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE officials held a team meeting before Wednesday’s NXT TV event.  This is where WWE officials stated that AEW decided to go up against them on Wednesday nights.

It should be noted that while yes, NXT did always air on Wednesday nights on the WWE Network, they got the TV deal with the USA Network after AEW inked their TV deal with TNT and WWE expanded NXT to a two-hour program. The reason for moving NXT to the USA Network was due to them trying to impact the growth of AEW as well as get money for the TV rights to NXT.

“The team meeting before the show tonight about the move to Tuesday. They started out talking about how six years ago at Wrestlemania 31, is that San Jose?, how the little NXT promotion sold out a show, and look how far we’ve come.

And they’ve always been on Wednesday nights, and then the competition came to their night and tried to bully them, which by the way is the opposite of what they told the talent 18-months ago. But now, they have Raw as the lead-in, it used to be in television the lead-in was like you follow the show, not the next day, but now that they have as the Raw lead-in and they have the night to themselves, everything is going to change.”

Update: Meltzer has since provided this update:

Fightful Select also reported that Triple H said nothing about how they were “bullied” off of Wednesday nights. Instead, Triple H focused heavily on the reasons for the move to Tuesday nights.

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