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WWE NXT Results for April 19th, 2022

WWE NXT Results
April 19th, 2022
Capitol Wrestling Center
Orlando, Florida

We are live with ongoing WWE NXT 2.0 coverage. For tonight’s show, WWE has announced that Santos Escobar will fight Carmelo Hayes, Sarray will square off against Tiffany Stratton, and after her return to NXT last week, Natalya will take on Tatum Paxley. Also, Grayson Waller will take on his former bodyguard Sanga.

– NXT kicks off a video package highlighting what happened last week in the tag team championship gauntlet match, which featured Pretty Deadly winning the titles, also recapping what happened last week between Bron Breakker and Joe Gacy.

– The show officially starts with the new NXT tag team champions, Pretty Deadly making their way to the ring as we see Bron Breakker arriving to the arena, they claim that they dominating in the UK by winning the tag titles, as well as coming to America and beating four of the best tag teams, The Grizzled Young Veterans come out to interrupt, they want to know where their invite was into the tag team gauntlet, they also claim that the only reason Pretty Deadly even had luck in the UK is because they left and the only reason they won the tag titles is because they weren’t in the gauntlet, Legado Del Fantasma interputs and attacks The Grizzled Young Veterans, resulting in a brawl which needs to be broken up by referees, as this is going on, Bron Breakker makes his entrance through the crowd and gets into the ring, Bron Breakker calls out Joe Gacy and wants his dad’s HoF ring back, Joe Gacy appears on the screen and says that he isn’t a hard man to find and Bron will have to come find him and he laughs creppingly as the lights flicker weird colors.

– Tiffany Stratton makes her entrance for her match against Sarray as we go to commercial break.

Match 1: Tiffany Stratton vs Sarray.

– Sarray gets the better of Tiffany Stratton after a quick starting exchange, Sarray then leans Tiffany against the ropes and goes for her signature dropkick but Tiffany counters, allowing her to start working over Sarray with headlocks and an elbow, with help from the crowd, Sarray makes a comeback before she once again leans Tiffany against the ropes and once again goes for the dropkick, this time landing it, causing Tiffany to tumble to the outside of the ring. Sarray them brings Tiffany back into the ring and goes for a German suplex, but Tiffany holds onto the ropes, getting the unfair advantage before slamming Sarray down and hitting a top rope standing corkscrew of some sort for the victory.

Winner via pinfall: Tiffany Stratton at 4:32. 

– We see The Grizzled Young Veterans backstage before sortly being interrupted by Bron Breakker as he’s still looking for Joe Gacy, he cokes across a chair in a cage, a trap of sorts to further anger Bron.

– Pretty Deadly is backstage and they run into Persia Pirotta and Indi Hartwell they challenged them to a tag title match and Pretty Deadly accepts, Indi Hartwell reveals that they meant Dexter Lumis and Duke Hudson, Pretty Deadly walks away.

– Grayson Waller is being interviewed about his upcoming match against his former manager Sanga, Grayson says he fired Sanga and without him Sanga would be nothing, Chase University interrupt as Sanga arrives, Grayson pushes Chase into harms away before running away from Sanga, Sanga chases Waller into the ring to start our next match.

Match 2: Sanga vs Grayson Waller. 

– The match starts with Sanga absolutely destroying Waller with throws and chops, Sanga goes for a chokeslam on top of the announce table before Grayson is able to counter and pushes Sanga head first into the ring post, Grayson then rolls into the ring and hits a modified stunner into a surprisingly victory for Grayson Waller.

Winner via pinfall: Grayson Waller at 3:31.

– We get a video package highlighting Cora Jade talking about her relationship with Natalya, she shows a picture that she took of her as a teen meeting her idol Natalya, Cora says that you should never meet your ideals because you’ll be disappointed, before ripping the picture in half.

– Legado Del Fantasma make their entrance for their match against The Grizzled Young Veterans as we go to commercial break.

– We get a video package of a young woman, she says that as a kid she played WWE games on her PS2 for countless hours and says that next week she steps out of the video game virtual world and into real life, we learn that her name is Roxanne Perez, she is then interviewed backstage, before she can comment, Toxic Attraction interrupts, Mandy says that she shouldn’t set the bar too high before being challenged to a match tonight, Roxanne says that she will figure something out before storming off.

Match 3: Legado Del Fantasma vs The Grizzled Young Veterans.

–Legado Del Fantasma jump the gun and take out the Grizzled Young Veterans with a flip to the outside, Grizzled Young Veterans then start to gain the upperhand and continue to work over Legado, Legado then getd the hot tag to Cruz Del Toro, he immediately jumps in with closelines and chops before hitting a top rope hurricarana, Legado then hit a double team DDT on James Drake, before taking out Zack Gibson with an apron closeline followed by a double team shining wizard for the win.

Winners via pinfall: Legado Del Fantasma at 3:57.

– Santos Escobar then calls out Carmelo Hayes for their match, which will take place after the commercial break.

– Wes Lee is interviewed backstage, he says that the last few weeks has been rough and chaotic and he feels lost, Lee is then interrupted by Xyon Quinn, Xyon challenges Wes Lee for a match later tonight, Lee accepts.

Match 4: Santos Escobar vs Carmelo Hayes. 

– the two lockup, with Hayes getting to the ropes, causing a break, Carmelo chokes Santos into the middle rope before taking the entire count from the referee to let go, Santos then lays out Hayes with a beautiful standing dropkick, followed by a top rope crossbody to Carmelo, Trick Williams then distracts Escobar from the outside, allowing Carmelo to get the upperhand, hitting a swinging neckbreaker on Escobar as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

– We are back from commercial as Escobar slams Hayes shoulder first into the ring post, Escobar then hits a closeline on Hayes, turning him inside out, Escobar then hits a backbreaker before getting a near fall on Hayes, Hayes then locks in a single-leg Boston crab on Escobar, Escobar struggles and crawls but is able to make it to the ropes, once again, Hayes utilizes the referee’s five count, Escobar is then able to counter Haye’s suplex attempt, before holding Hayes up for close to 10 seconds. They then both exchange slaps and punches with Escobar getting the better of the two, Escobar delivers punches to Hayes in the center before getting another comeback, Santos throws Hayes to the outside and follows it up by hitting a plancha, before being attacked by two strange dressed men in suits behind the referee’s back, Carmelo then hits a top dropkick to the back of the head of Escobar, securing the hard-fought victory.

Winner via pinfall: Carmelo Hayes at 13:55.

– Carmelo Hayes says that in two weeks he gets another chance at the North American title, the champ Cameron Grimes then comes out and says that last week Hayes was too scared to call out Grimes go his face, Hayes challenges Grimes to get into the ring and fight but both Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are attacked from behind by Solo Sikoa, Sikoa then stares down Cameron Grimes before leaving the ring.

– Bron Breakker is once again shown looking for Joe Gacy, he enters a mysterious room, he sees Joe Gacy in one of the reflections before breaking the glass and angerly yelling for Gacy to appear.

Match 5: Natalya vs Tatum Paxley

– The match starts with Natalya bullying Tatum into the ropes before shoving her down, Natalya takes Tatum over with a headlock, Tatum fights back with a hip toss and headlock of her own, the two continue to chain wrestle, with Tatum getting the better of the two before sending Natalya to the outside, Natalya then hits Tatum with a closeline and suplex on the outside, before sending Tatum back into the ring and gaining a near fall, Natalya then locks in a surfboard on Tatum, Tatum is then able to make a comeback with closelines and suplexes, Paxley hits a standing Swanton for the near fall, Natalya is able to counter and lock Tatum in the sharpshooter for the submission victory.

Winner via submission: Natalya at 4:52. 

– Tony D’Angelo is interviewed as he’s leaving the arena, he’s asked if he had anything to do with Santos Escobar getting jumped, D’Angelo then finds Escobar’s car before exclaiming; “nice wheels”

– Xyon Quinn makes his entrance for his match against Wes Lee, which is next after the commercial break.

– We then get a video package hyping up the debuting Nathan Frazer.

– Indi Hartwell is in the locker room with Dexter Lumis and Duke Hudson, Indi is trying to get them wearing matching clothes, Duke Hudson tries to work out a game plan with Dexter Lumis but he doesn’t talk back and continues to be expressionless.

Match 6: Wes Lee vs Xyon Quinn

– Wes Lee immediately hits a cannonball to Quinn in the corner, followed by a dropkick to Quinn before sending him outside the ring and hitting a suicide dive, Quinn then fights back and slams Wes Lee on the apron before gaining a near fall, Quinn then begins to work on Wes Lee, Lee tries for a comeback with punches and kicks but is shut down quickly by Quinn, Lee fights back with a superkick and a few chops, knocking Quinn off his feet, Quinn goes for a springboard move but is rocked with a punch from Quinn, Quinn then hits a running elbow to secure the victory.

Winner via pinfall: Xyon Quinn at 3:29.

– Natalya is interviewed backstage about Cora Jade, Natalya said last week wasn’t an attack, just self-defense, she claims that every woman in NXT comes after her so she got the jump start, before being interrupted by Nikkita Lyons, Lyons says that after she’s done with Lash Legend she’s going after Natalya, Natalya warns her of the sharpshooter, Lyons responds by saying that she’s flexible enough to handle it.

Match 7: Roxanne Perez vs Jacy Jayne 

– The match starts with Jacy Jayne trying to bully Roxanne but Roxanne is able to fight back before the two exchange a series of quick nearfalls, Jayne lifts up Roxanne and slams her face-first into the top turnbuckle, Wendy Choo appears in the screen, distracting Jacy, allowing Roxanne to hit a code red on Jacy for the debut victory to Toxic Attraction’s dismay.

Winner via pinfall: Roxanne Perez at 2:19. 

– Santos Escobar is with Legado Del Fantasma in the parking and he finds his vehicle vandalized with dead fish laying on the hood.

– Cameron Grimes (c) vs Solo Sikoa vs Carmelo Hayes is announced for NXT in two weeks.

– Joe Gacy is shown by the broken mirror and says that he is done.

Match 8: NXT tag team championship: Pretty Deadly (c) vs Dexter Lumis and Duke Hudson. 

– The match starts out with Pretty Deadly working over Dexter Lumis with double team moves and headlocks, Dexter fights back and hits an atomic drop, Pretty Deadly poses with Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta on the outside before Lumis and Hudson drags them back into the ring, Dexter and Hudson hit a double team extended suplex, Dexter and Hudson continue to double team and workover Kit Wilson as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

– We are back from commercial as Dexter Lumis has Elton Prince in a headlock, Pretty Deadly make a comeback and begin to work on Lumis with double team moves and an extended headlock, Lumis is able to fight back and get the hot tag to Hudson, Hudson comes in and takes both men out with elbows and throws, Hudson hits multiple members of Pretty Deadly with shoulder tackles in the corner, Hudson goes for a tip rope maneuver but is distracted, allowing Elton Prince to grab Hudson and slam him from the second rope for yet another near fall, the two then collide heads and each become groggy, Hudson goes for a tag to Lumis but Lumis is dragged off the apron, Hudson is distracted by Kit Wilson, allowing Elton Prince to hit a big boot for the victory to retain the NXT tag titles.

Winners and STILL NXT tag team champions: Pretty Deadly at 11:47. 

– Joe Gacy is in the arena at ringside and says that he isn’t a hard man to find, Bron Breakker then comes out towards Joe Gacy, Gacy says if he wanted the ring back all he had to do was ask under one condition, Gacy wants an NXT title match in two weeks at spring breaken’. Gacy then says that Bron needs to take a leap of faith before pushing him off of the podium, the show ends with Joe Gacy standing over and smiling over a fallen and broken Bron Breakker, before a group of hidden men jump on Bron to end the show.

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