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WWE NXT Results for April 26th, 2022



WWE NXT Results
April 26th, 2022
Capital Wrestling Center
Orlando, Florida

Welcome to our live coverage of NXT 2.0. For tonight's show, WWE has announced that Solo Sikoa will face Trick Williams, Legado Del Fantasma will face Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen, and Fallon Henley in a mixed sic person tag. Also, Nikkita Lyons will battle Lash Legend in a much anticipated rematch.

Match 1: Nikkita Lyons vs Lash Legend 

- The match starts out with both women brawling, Nikkita jumps on top of Legend and delivers a series of punches, Legend then pushes Nikkita outside the ring, causing her to land on her head, Legend then goes outside and throws Nikkita into the steps. Legend continues to work over Nikkita, throwing her face first into the turnbuckle, Nikkita then makes a comeback with a German suplex, Nikkita then lands a series of punches to Legend in the corner but Legend counters and goes for a powerbomb but Nikkita reverses the powerbomb, but Nikkita counters into a hurricarana followed by a kick to the head for the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Nikkita Lyons at 5:09

- After the match, Natalya attacks Nikkita Lyons but Cora Jade makes the save, causing Natalya and Legend to retreat.

- Tony D'Angelo tells us that Xyon Quinn is unable to compete tonight and that he will now face Von Wagner.

- Roderick Strong is backstage with Diamond Mine, Strong says that the group has been struggling, Strong tells The Creed Brothers that they shouldn't be acting like champions when they haven't been, Strong then announces that he set up a match for next week, The Greed Brothers vs The Viking Raiders, The Viking Raiders then make an appearance.

Match 2: Tony D'Angelo vs Von Wagner

- The match starts off with both been exchanging lockups with Wagner getting the advantage; Wagner then delivers a series of shoulder blocks to Tony in the corner, Tony then tries to make a comeback with punches but is quickly shutdown by Wagner, Tony then hits an inverted atomic drop on Wagner before closelining him to the outside, Wagner is able to counter and slam Tony back first onto the apron as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from the commercial break as Wagner lands a spinebuster on D'Angelo for a nearfall, Tony then hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Wagner, sending both men to the ground. Both men are back up and they start to exchange punches with D'Angelo getting the better of the two by tripping Wagner and unloading a series of punches, D'Angelo runs at Wagner but is hit with a closeline, D'Angelo is set to the outside as Legado Del Fantasma gets on the apron, D'Angelo's unamed henchmen then drag Legado Del Fantasma off the apron as Santos Escobar takes out the knee of D'Angelo, Tony gets barely makes the count back into the ring but Wagner quickly hits a big boot for the victory.

Winner via pinfall: Von Wagner at 10:44

- We get a video package hyping up Nathan Frazer, who will make his NXT 2.0 debut after the commercial break.

- We then see Andre Chase and Bodhi Hayward in the stands to watch the next match.

- Nathan Frazer is making his entrance for his debut but Grayson Waller attacks his opponent and cuts a promo, he claims that this Is the Grayson Waller show and he does whatever he wants, he calls the Chase University scam, Grayson says that the sorority girls are built lkke refrigerators, Grayson tells them to come to the ring but Frazer quickly takes him out, Andre Chase then gets in the ring as tells Grayson that what he has there is a teachable moment.

- We get a video package hyping up Arianna Grace, who will be making her debut in the NXT Women's breakout tournament.

- Katana Chance and Kayden Carter make their entrance as we go to commercial break.

- Tiffany Stratton is backstage complaining that Sarray pulled her hair, Grayson interrupts but Tiffany is on her side, saying that Frazier looks homeless, Grayson challenges Frazier to a match next week.

Match 3: Kayden Carter and Katana vs Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz. 

- Kayden Carter and Katana use great double team moves to get the upperhand early on. Kayden and Katana both knee Valentina Feroz in the head and continue to work her over in the ring, Feroz goes for the tag but Kayden cuts her off and tags in Katana, who continues to work over Feroz, Feroz finally fights back and tags in Yulisa, Yulisa is able to hit a missle dropkick on Kayden for the nearfall, Feroz tags back in, Yulisa lifts Feroz over her head and drops her on Kayden for the pin but Katana makes the save, Yulisa goes for a second rope lionsault but Kayden counters and tags in Katana, Kayden and Katana hit a neck-breaker/450 combination for the victory.

Winners via pinfall: Katana and Kayden Carter at 6:01.

- We then see backstage that someone has attacked Brooks Jensen, Josh Briggs and Fallon Henley then storm off as Briggs says they are going to kick some ass tonight.

- We get a video package hyping up Kay Lee Ray, who is renamed Alba Fyre.

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Match 4: legado Del Fantasma and Elektra Lopez vs Fallon Henley and Josh Briggs.

- Before the match Henley and Briggs jump the gun and attack Legado Del Fantasma, Fallon and Briggs both land sliding punches to Cruz and Elektra on the outside, Legado then proceeds to work over the leg of Briggs, Briggs is able to make a comeback and tag in Henley, Henley hits a shoulder block on Elektra, followed by a closeline and dropkick for the near fall, both women tag out as Briggs takes out Legado, hitting a sidewalk slam followed by a splash and a pin but Elektra makes the save, Elektra and Henley brawl on the outside as Del Toro hits a dropkick from the ropes on Briggs, Legado Del Fantasma than hit Briggs with a kick to the face for the win.

- Natalya and Lash Legend are interviewed about their match next week, Natalya calls Cora's skateboard stupid and says that next week she will break Cora's legs, Lash Legend says that next week she is teaming with an actual legend and she will be in the Women's breakout tournament. Natalya then says that next week we will find out how flexible Nikkita Lyons really is.

Winners via pinfall: Legado Del Fantasma at 4:45.

- Cameron Grimes makes his entrance as he's going to be on commentary for the next match, Solo Sikoa vs Trick Williams.

- We get a video package hyping up Kiana James, who will also compete in the Women's breakout tournament.

Match 5: Solo Sikoa vs Trick Williams

- The match starts with Williams working over the arm of Sikoa, Trick then slams Sikoa into the turnbuckle shoulder first multiple times before locking in an armlock, Sikoa rolls through and hits a closeline and suplex on Trick, Solo then lands a series of arm-wringers on Sikoa, Trick hits a spinning heel kick on Sikoa followed by a series of kicks on the ground and a suplex to Sikoa, Trick then lands a dropkick on Sikoa followed by a modified neckbreaker for the near fall, Trick then goes back to the armlock submission but Sikoa fights out of it, Trick lands a kick on Sikoa which has no effect, Sikoa then hits a back suplex followed by kicks to the leg and chest of Trick, Sikoa lands two splashes intonthe corner followed by a suplex, Sikoa then goes to the top rope and lands a splash for the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall= Solo Sikoa at 5:08.

- After the match, Cameron Grimes has a staredown with Solo Sikoa, Carmelo Hayes pushes Sikoa out of the way so he can staredown Grimes, Carmelo goes for a superkick on Sikoa but Sikoa moves out of the way, causing Hayes to land the superkick on Grimes.

- Legado Del Fantasma are backstage celebrating their win, Santos says that he proved that Tony D'Angelo is a liar. Santos says that next week is eye for an eye as he will face Tony D'Angelo.

Match 6: The Viking Raiders vs Malik Blade and Edris Enofe.

- The match starts with Blade getting knocked down by Ivar, causing Blade to quickly tag out, Erik then tags in and goes after Edris, Erik Irish whips Edris and goes low but Edris stands on the back of Erik before hitting a dropkick, Edris then gets the tag to Blade and they double team Erik, Erik then hits a running forearm on Blade, both members of the Viking Raiders pumble Edris against the rope, followed by Ivar delivering hard shots in the corner to Edris, Erik lands a sniff knee on Edris for the nearfall, Edris is able to counter Ivar and tag in Blade, Blade then jumps off the top rope connecting with Ivar, before hitting a closeline, which doesn't knock down Ivar, Blade goes for a crossbody but Ivar catches him but Edris jumps off the top rope, allowing Blade to get a nearfall. Erik and Ivar then hit a doubleteam powerbomb on Blade for the victory.

Winners via pinfall: The Viking Raiders at 4:45.

- After the match, The Viking Raiders shake hands with Edris Enofe and Malik Blade, The Greed Brothers then come out and staredown the Viking Raiders, the two teams will face off next week.

- We get a video package hyping up Wes Lee, who is disappointed that he lost the tag titles without actually losing, he says that he can b*ch and complain but he's going to knuckle up and fight.

- Tony D'Angelo is interviewed, Tony says that he makes the threats, not Santos, he then introduces us to his henchmen, who he calls his Stacks, Tony says that if he has to take things into his own hands Santos won't like it.

Match 7: Roxanne Perez vs Mandy Rose

- The match starts out with Mandy pushing Roxanne into the corner, Mandy than locks in an armwringer submission, Roxanne is able to counter with a series of quick armdrags, followed by a headscissors/rollup for a near fall, Roxanne then bites the finger of Mandy, Mandy contains to the ref which gives Roxanne the opportunity to roll her up for the nearfall, Mandy then sends Roxanne to the outside, Roxanne is able to counter and slam Mandy's fingers into the steel steps as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial break as Mandy Hits a back-body slam on Roxanne, Mandy than lands a stiff spinebuster on Roxanne, Mandy then chokes Roxanne on the second rope using her knee, followed by a suplex, Roxanne jumps onto Mandy and lands a series of punches followed by a standing moonsault for the nearfall, Roxanne goes for a code red but Mandy counters, Roxanne lands a crossbody on Mandy for the near fall, Mandy then lands a jumping knee on Roxanne for the victory.

Winner via pinfall: Mandy Rose at 10:00.

- After the match, Wendy Choo tried to shoot Toxic Attraction with Water guns but they escape to the ramp, as they are on the ramp, a giant net traps them, allowing Roxanne and Wendy to spray them with the water guns.

- We get a video package hyping up Sloane Jacobs, who will compete in the women's breakout tournament.

- We see Joe Gacy in a dark room, he says "let's change the world."

- Joe Gacy comes out and says that we've come so far to change the world, barriers broken for people who have been discriminated against because of their weight, he claims that NXT is a clay that he has been molding for weeks, Gacy then says that he thinks not everyone buys into his way of life, he says that it's time to step up and separate themselves from people who want to live in the past, Gacy says after next week there will be no choice, Gacy says that Bron Breakker hasn't told anyone about his injury because he knows he's unable to compete because of what he did to him last week, Gacy says because of Bron's fall of grace he will become the new NXT champion, Gacy says that NXT will be molded into the vision on how he sees the world, Rick Steiner then makes a surprise appearance, Rick says that his son is cleared to compete next week, Gacy says that Rick picked the worst possible time to comeback as Gacy's druids surround the ring, Bron Breakker then comes out and takes out the druids, Gacy then hits a spear on Breakker as the druids slowly pass the NXT title down one-by-one until it lands in the hands of Joe Gacy, NXT ends with Gacy celebrating with the NXT title.