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January 17, 2023
WWE Performance Center
Orlando, FL

Welcome to our live coverage of NXT. As always, we will have the results up immediately after every match. Refresh this page often to see updated results. Tonight on NXT we will see Apollo Crews & Axiom team up against Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams, Tyler Bate returns, Alba Fyre takes on Sol Ruca, and Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen face off with Gallus.

Coverage begins at 8pm

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams vs Axiom and Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews gave Carmelo Hayes two Stinger splashes and a press slam overhead, but Trick Williams broke it up. Williams and Axiom fought on the outside of the ring. Hayes came off the top rope on Crews, but Crews caught him and dropped down on him for the pin.

Outside the arena:

Tony D'Angelo and Stacks were at a bridge. Tony said this bridge represents the beginning and in some cases, the end. He said Stacks did a lot of growing up this year and he took a bullet for him time and time again. Stacks said he will be loyal to the end. Tony told Stacks that his days of being a soldier are over and now Stacks will be a boss and gave him a jacket with the family crest on it.

Backstage: Tiffany Stratton interview

They played a clip of Tiffany Stratton trying to get in her locker room. She opened the door and Indie Hartwell opened it up. Indie said this is no longer her locker room. Stratton said she will have to show everybody that she is the only women's superstar in the women's division. 

In ring interview: Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin

Jacy and Gigi said people thought they were going to split up as a result of the finish to last week's battle royal. They said they will always be together and will beat Roxanne Perez. Lyra Valkyria came out. Valkyria said she sees two women that know they can't beat Roxanne by themselves so they have to do it together. They beat down Valkyria which brought out Roxanne Perez sending Toxic Attraction out of the ring. 


Diamond Mine. Ivy Nile told the Creed Brothers to get back to what brought them the NXT Tag Team championship

Vignette: Stevie Turner

Stevie Turner said if she was in the battle royal last week, she would have won and said she is coming to NXT soon

Alba Fyre vs Sol Ruca

Isla Dawn appeared in the stands. This distracted Fyre. Ruca gave her the Sol Snatcher for the pin.

Interview: Dijak

Dijak said Tony D'Angelo learned the hard way what street justice means. Now he has his sights set on Wes Lee and the North American Championship.

Backstage interview held earlier today: Grayson Waller

Grayson Waller had a replicate NXT Championship belt with him. He said he had Bron Breakker beat at New Year's Evil and he will defeat him at Vengeance inside a steel cage.


Alba Fyre has a referee pinned to the ground with her bat while other referees as well as Katana Chance and Kayden Carter told her to stop. Katana and Kayden told Fyre that she needs to calm down. Fyre said maybe she needs to take it out on them and being tag team champions sounds good. Fyre said she doesn't need a partner to do it.

Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen vs Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang

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Both teams brawled outside the ring. Wolfgang threw Jensen into Mark Coffey who backflipped him on the cement. Briggs saw that Jensen was still out on the concrete as the medical team and Fallon Henley were checking on him. Kianna James came out to check on him. Jensen asked the medical team to help him up. In the ring, Gallus double teamed Briggs and pinned him.


Andre Chase showed a video of Duke Hudson being worried about Chase University's win-loss record. 


Fallon Henley asked Brooks Jensen what Kianna James was doing out there. Jensen told Henley Kianna was more concerned about him than she was. Henley said that Kianna was using him. Jensen denied that and said they both liked each other and she has to deal with it. Henley said when she breaks his heart, she won't be there to pick up the pieces.

Valentina Feroz vs Thea Hail (with Andre Chase and Duke Hudson)

Alexa Lopez made her way to ringside early in the match. Hudson seemed to be distracted by Lopez. Chase started arguing outside the ring with Hudson which distracted the referee. Lopez put brass knuckles on Feroz. Feroz handed the brass knuckles to the referee. Hail planted Feroz face first into the mat and scored her first victory in NXT.

Outside the arena:

Apollo Crews told Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams that his victory calls for a celebration 

Booker T and Vic Joseph said they were just informed of the passing of Jay Briscoe and send their condolences to his friends and family.


Alexa Lopez asked Valentina Feroz why she didn't take her help. Lopez said she's learned that you have to do what it takes to win and she practices what she preaches. She told Feroz to make sure she watches her back against Wendy Choo next week.

In ring interview: The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods)

The New Day said they are done with Pretty Deadly and now they will be going against Gallus at Vengeance Day. Pretty Deadly came out and said they are the rightful number one contenders. This brought out Gallus. Gallus told Pretty Deadly that they are the rightful number one contenders. Pretty Deadly jumped both New Day and Pretty Deadly. Gallus and New Day fought off Pretty Deadly and then fought amongst themselves before officials came in to try and break it up. 

In the back: Roxanne Perez and Lyra Valkyria

Perez and Valkyria said they will beat Toxic Attraction tonight. 

Interview earlier today with Bron Breakker:

Breakker said he didn't want his match with Grayson Waller last week to end the way it did. He said he will beat Waller inside the steel cage at Vengeance Day.

Tyler Bate vs Javier Bernal

Tyler Bate gave Javier Bernal a package piledriver for the pinfall


Fallon Henley told Brooks Jensen she's sorry for what she said earlier. She knows what Kianna James means to him so she will try to make this work. She even asked for a match with James as her partner. 

Roxanne Perez and Lyra Valkyria vs Toxic Attraction

Lyra Valkyria went to the top rope, but Cora Jade came out and pushed her off when the ref wasn't looking. Valkyria made the tag to Roxanne Perez. Valkyria immediately went after Jade outside the ring. Inside the ring, Gigi Dolan superkicked Perez. Jacy Jayne went to kick Perez, but Perez moved out of the way and Jayne kicked Dolan. Perez hit Jayne with a Russian leg sweep and hit the pop luck on Dolan for the pin. Dolan and Jayne argued as the show went off the air.