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January 24, 2023
WWE Performance Center
Orlando, FL

Welcome to our live coverage of WWE NXT. As always, we will have the results up immediately after every match. Refresh this page often to see updated results. Tonight on WWE NXT, we will see Roxanne Perez, Gigi Dolin, and Jacy Jayne meet in an NXT Women's Championship Summit. Kayden Carter & Katana Chance defend the NXT Women's Tag Team Championships against Alba Fyre. Tiffany Stratton and Indi Hartwell battle in a one-on-one match. Theal Hail has an award ceremony to celebrate her first victory. All this and more tonight on NXT!

Our coverage begins at 8pm

NXT started by showing the Instagram footage of Grayson Waller calling out Bron Breakker at the Performance Center. Waller threw a bottle of water at Breakker and a fight broke out between the two of them with the trainees trying to separate them.

Indi Hartwell vs Tiffany Stratton

Hartwell kicked Stratton in the face and Stratton went down holding her knee feigning an injury. The ref told Hartwell to stay back as a guy from the medical staff made is way to the ring. When Hartwell turned her back, Stratton hit her and gave her a moonsault of the top rope for the pin.

Backstage interview: Jacy Jayne 

Jacy said she carried Gigi Dolin since the day they formed Toxic Attraction. She said she will become NXT Women's Champion at Vengeance and expect something you've never seen before at the Championship Summit.

We saw footage of Drew Gulak and his students training with Diamond Mine. Gulak and Julius Creed were sparring when Julius tripped Gulak. Gulak shoved Julius and then Gulak was restrained by his students.

Andre Chase University award ceremony

Andre Chase, Thea Hail, and Duke Hudson were in the ring with Chase and Hail dressed up like they were at a graduation ceremony. Chase presented Hail with a plaque for her first victory. Hail thanked everybody. JD McDonagh showed up. JD called them all losers. Chase said he will not let him talk bad about the University. JD told Chase to get his crap out of the ring because he's dressed for a fight and he's dressed like a moron. Chase said he is always prepared. He took off his graduation gown and punched McDonagh sending him through the ropes.

Andre Chase vs JD McDonagh

Chase hit a Canadian Destroyer on McDonagh, but McDonagh got his foot on the rope. Chase climbed to the top rope, but McDonagh backed himself into the ropes causing Chase to crotch himself on the top rope. Hudson walked away looking frustrated which caused Chase to get distracted. McDonagh hit Chase with the Devlin Inside for the pin.


Kiana James told Fallon Henley that she wants to start the match against Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley

Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley vs Kiana James & Fallon Henley (with Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs)

Nile had Henley in a dragon sleeper, but James yanked Niles' hair while the ref was distracted. Niles tried to come off the rope, but James tripped her leg. Fallon then hit the Shining Wizard on Nile for the pin. 


Malik Blade & Edris Enofe asked Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods if they could get a shot at the NXT Tag Team Championship. The Schism interrupted them. Woods said that next week The Schism and Blade/Enofe can fight at The New Day Invitational with the winner being added to the NXT Tag Title match at Vengeance Day.

Apollo Crews challenged Carmelo Hayes in a 2 out of 3 falls match at Vengeance Day. Hayes accepted.

Hank Walker & Drew Gulak vs Julius and Brutus Creed

Brutus and Walker hit each other with a clothesline at the same time. Charlie Dempsey came to ringside which distracted Gulak. Walker tried to make the tag, but Gulak was outside the ring staring down Dempsey and refused to get back on the ring apron to make the tag. Julius hit Walker with a belly to belly. He made the tag to Brutus who hit the Brutus Ball and pinned him. After the match, Julius told Ivy Nile that he has always been a pain in the ass and he will always have a chip on his shoulder, but that's how he has to be in order to be the best version of himself. He thanked Ivy for sticking with them. Brutus also thanked her and said they are going to start being the team they were that won the NXT Tag Team Championship. Indus Sher appeared. Jinder Mahal challenged The Creeds to a match agains Indus Sher. Nile accepted.

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Gigi Dolin said she is not shocked at what Jacy Jayne said earlier in the show. Gigi said she can't wait to look Jacy in the eyes and give her a piece of her mind.

Tony D'Angelo and Stacks are in a restaurant. D'Angelo said the streets are talking about the new underboss. He said the first step is the most important step. Stacks said that's why he wants to take on the biggest guy he can find.

Earlier today:

Electra Lopez told Valentina Feroz she wants her to be at ringside to watch her match

Wendy Choo vs Electra Lopez

Lopez grabbed brass knucks out of her tights. Feroz got closer to ringside looking disturbed by Lopez' actions. The ref got distracted by Feroz approaching the ring and Lopez hit Choo with the brass knucks for the pin. 


Brooks Jenson told Fallon Henley that she and Kiana James would face the winner of tonight's NXT Women's Tag Title match at Vengeance Day. Henley said her tagging with James was only supposed to be a one time thing and she will have to think about this.  

Electra Lopez told Valentina Feroz that it doesn't matter how you win, as long as you win. Feroz said she doesn't know if she can do this to Wendy. Lopez said then you keep your friends and I'll keep on winning.

Stevie Turner appeared via remote and said that she will be making her NXT debut next week. 

In ring interview: Grayson Waller

Waller, wearing an NXT championship belt, asked where Bron Breakker was. Breakker made his way to the ring pushing security guards away while Waller ran his mouth. Breakker got in the ring. The Performance students were trying to hold both Waller and Breakker back to no avail. Breakker charged at Waller who threw him through the ringside barrier wall. Medical checked on Breakker while Waller left smiling.

NXT Women's Tag Team Championship: Kayden Carter & Katana Chance (c) vs Alba Fyre & Sol Ruca

Sol Ruca came down before the match started and told Fyre that she has her back and became Fyre's tag team partner. Ruca hit a splash on Carter for a near fall. Chance hit a Hurricanrana on Frye that sent her into the ring steps. Ruca got distracted checking to see if Fyre was okay. Carter superkicked Ruca. Chance and Carter hit the neckbreaker/450 Splash combo on Ruca and Chance pinned her to retain the titles. Fyre looked very mad at Ruca as she passed by her outside the ring. As Fyre continued to the back, Isla Dawn was there and she left behind Fyre. Fallon Henley and Kiana James then told Carter and Katana that they thought about it and they will see them at Vengeance Day.


Wes Lee told Dijak to protect his neck and he will see him at Vengeance Day. 


Cora Jade said she will teach Lyra Valkyria a lesson. Meantime, we see footage in the parking lot where Nikita Lyons was down and holding her leg. 


Andre Chase asked Duke Hudson why he walked out. Hudson said he left to ask Shawn Michaels if he would put them in the New Day Tag Team Invitational and he said talk to The New Day. He went and talked to the New Day and they said yes.

NXT Women's Championship Summit

Booker T was the host between Gigi Dolin, Jacy Jayne, and Roxanne Perez. Gigi and Jacy both claimed they carried each other. Perez said she thought it was going to be a handicap match at Vengeance Day, but it looks like it's going to be a real triple threat. Gigi and Jacy both stood up and got in each other's faces and it looked like they were going to go out it, but they both grabbed Roxanne by the hair and slammed her head into the table. They double teamed her and chokeslammed her through the table. They stood together in the ring both holding the belt.