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July 19th, 2022
Capital Wrestling Center
Orlando, Florida

 Welcome to our live coverage of WWE NXT, announced for tonight's show, Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen will defend their NXT UK tag team championships against Pretty Deadly, Roderick Strong will take on Damon Kemp, JD McDonagh will take on Cameron Grimes, also, 20 women will compete in a battle royal to determine the next challenger for Mandy Rose's NXT women's championship. 

- NXT starts off with a video package highlighting the match between Mandy Rose and Roxanne Perez from last Wednesday night. 

Match 1: Cameron Grimes vs JD McDonagh

- The match starts off with JD going for a single leg takedown on Grimes, Grimes then takes down JD with a headlock takeover, followed by a shoulder tackle, Grimes then lands a kick to the chest or JD, followed by another kick to the chest from Grimes, Grimes then sends JD into the corner with a strong Irishwhip, Grimes then lands an uppercut on JD, Grimes then lands three forearms to the face of JD, followed by a big back bodydrop, Grimes then hits a big boot, knocking JD off the apron, JD then hit a corkscrew splash from the apron, JD then puts Grimes in a single leg boston crab, JD then turns it into an ankle lock, Grimes then hits a crossbody on JD from the second rope, we see Joe Gacy watching from the stands as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see JD lock in a headlock on Grimes, Grimes then lands a knee to the stomach of JD, JD then hits a chopblock to the back of Grimes knee, JD then continues to work on the knee of Grimes, JD then locks Grimes in a single leg boston crab, Grimes then lands two running forearms to the face of JD, followed by a spinning side slam, Grimes then hits an enzuigiri on JD, followed by a series of strikes and a superkick, Grimes then lands a knee to the jaw of JD, JD then pushes Grimes on the apron, causing Grime's legs to get caught up in the ropes, JD then hits a sidesuplex on Grimes to secure the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: JD McDonagh at 13:26.

- Cora Jade makes her entrance, Cora says that last week she stabbed her best friend in the back and it should of been sooner, Cora says that she was everywhere and in every NXT commercial, Cora says that she got Roxanne in the door and from day one the attention was on Roxanne not her, Cora says that she has finally found the perfect partner, Cora says that not even thirty minutes after winning the NXT women's tag team championship, Roxanne cashed in her opportunity at Mandy Rose's NXT women's championship, Cora then calls Roxanne a selfish b*ch, Cora then reveals that she was the one who attacked Roxanne in the parking lot, Cora says that Roxanne won't be here tonight because she isn't cleared to compete with a broken heart, Cora says that all the NXT women's tag team championship reminds her of is a lie, Cora says that she's wired a little bit different these days, Cora then throws her NXT women's championship into the trash. 

Match 2: Roderick Strong vs Damon Kemp

- The match starts off with both men locking up, Kemp then hits a headlock takeover on Strong, Strong then hits a headlock takeover on Kemp, Kemp then hits a shoulder tackle on Strong, followed by a scoop slam and a jumping elbow drop, Strong then lands a gut buster on Kemp, Strong then hits Kemp with a stiff chop in the corner, Strong then hits a suplex on Kemp, Strong then hits a jumping footstomp to the chest of Kemp, Strong then puts Kemp in a headlock resthold, Kemp then lands a boot to the face of Strong, followed by two closelines and a belly-to-belly suplex, Kemp then hits a spear from the apron to secure a nearfall, both men then closeline each other in the ring, Tony D'Angelo then appears on the screen as we see The Creed Brothers beat down backstage, Strong then hits a jumping knee to the face of Kemp to secure the pinfall victory. 

Winner via pinfall: Roderick Strong at 5:57.

Match 3: NXT UK tag team championships: Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs (c) vs Pretty Deadly

- The match starts off with Jensen and Elton Prince, Prince then slaps Jensen, Jensen then lands a chop, followed by a closeline in the corner, Pretty Deadly then stomp on the hands of Jensen, Brooks and Jensen then hit double shoulder tackles on Pretty Deadly, Prince then attempts to hit a crossbody from the second rope but Briggs catches him in mid-air, Briggs then hits a suplex, Elton Prince then accidentally runs into Fallon Henley on the outside as we go to commercial break.

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*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Jensen hit a spinning heel kick to the face of Kit, Prince then hits two closelines on Jensen in the corner, Pretty Deadly then team up to suplex Jensen stomach first into the top rope, Prince then locks Jensen in a headlock submission, Prince then kicks at the back of Jensen, Briggs then hits a sideslam on Prince, followed by a splash, both Briggs and Kit then run into each other with crossbodies, both Kit and Briggs closeline each other, Elton then hands Kit one of the championships, Kit then attempts to use the title but Fallon Henley gets on the apron and attempts to take it away from Kit, Jensen then hits a big boot on Prince on the outside, Briggs and Jensen then hit the high-low on Kit to secure the pinfall victory.

Winners via pinfall and STILL NXT UK tag team champions: Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen at 11:34.

- Joe Gacy unmasks The Dyads, revealing themselves to be the former Grizzled Young Veterans. Now known as Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler.

- We see Bron Breakker looking for JD McDonagh in the parking. 

- Bron Breakker then makes his entrance, Bron says that Grimes tried to make things personal, but he stood up to him, which is what he respects, Bron says that JD has his attention and he's going to pay for what he did to him, JD then appears on the screen, JD says that he was studying Bron while he was in the UK, JD says that he's going dissect Bron, JD says that he's going to tear the tenden from the bone, JD says that a necessary evil has arrived in NXT, Bron tells JD to take his shoulder so he can take it back and beat JD's ass with it. 

- We see footage from Friday of Von Wagner attacking Solo Sikoa in the parking lot. 

Match 4:  Axiom vs Dante Chen 

- The match starts off Axiom landing two armbrags on Chen, Axiom then lands a dropkick to the face of Chen, Chen then lands a backwards on Axiom to secure a nearfall, Chen then lands a forearm to the back of Axiom, Axiom then lands a tornado DDT on Chen, Axiom then hits a pele kick on Chen, Axiom then hits a jumping superkick to the face of Chen to secure the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Axiom at 3:00.

- We see footage of Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams in the barber shop, Trick brags about partying with the ladies last week, Trick then runs down the potential challengers for Haye's North American championship. 

Match 5: 20 women Battle Royal: 

- The match starts off with all the women ganging up on Cora, Cora goes to the outside but Ivy Nile throws her back into the ring, Ivy then chases Cora to the back, Ameri Miller is then eliminated by Ivy Nile, Alba Fyre then eliminates herself and Lash Legend, Fyre and Legend continue to brawl on the outside, Choo then gets knocked out but her pillow saves her from elimination, Yulisa Leon is then eliminated, Valentina Feroz is then eliminated, Fallon Henley is then eliminated, Tiffany Stratton then eliminates Choo using her cup, Elektra Lopez is then eliminated, Ivy Nile is then eliminated, Chance then tries to hold onto Carter but Nile eliminates her, Carter then hits a crossbody onto Nile, eliminating herself, Tatum Paxley then eliminates herself in favor of Nile, Indi Hartwell is then eliminated, Nikkita then hits a german suplex on Starks, followed by a superkick on Stratton, Kiana James is then eliminated, Stratton then eliminates Nikkita, Stratton is then almost eliminated but only one foot touches, Stark then knocks Stratton off the apron with a forearm, Stark thinks she won but Cora comes up from behind, Stark then eliminates Cora to win the battle royal. 

Winner: Zoey Stark at 13:13.

- NXT ends with Zoey Stark staring down Mandy Rose.