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WWE NXT Results for June 14, 2022

June 14th, 2022
Capital Wrestling Center
Orlando, Florida

Welcome to our live coverage of WWE NXT, announced for tonight's show, Xyon Quinn will take on Wes Lee, The Creed Brothers will defend their tag team championships against Edris Enofe and Malik Blade, and Roxanne Perez will team up with Cora Jade and Indi Hartwell to take on Toxic Attraction. 

Match 1: NXT Tag Team Championships: The Creed Brothers (c) vs Edris Enofe and Malik Blade. 

- The match starts off with Blade rolling up Brutus Creed for a nearfall, Brutus then takes down Blade with amateur wrestling and gator-rolls, Brutus then lands a pounce on Blade, sending him into the turnbuckle, Blade then lands two armbrags on Brutus, followed by an armlock, Blade then trips Julius, Enofe then lands a 619 through the bottom rope, Brutus then locks in a standing headlock, but Enofe counters with a roll-up for a nearfall, Brutus then locks Enofe in the standing headlock once again, Enofe then lands a northern lights suplex for a nearfall, Brutus then throws Julius into Blade, Blade then tags in Enofe, Enofe then lands a standing dropkick on Julius, the Creed Brothers send Enofe to the outside with a big back body drop, they then land a big back body drop on Brutus in the ring as we go to commercial break

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Brutus locking in a seated headlock on Enofe, Enofe counters and tags in Blade, Blade then lands a stiff jumping knee to the face of Brutus, Enofe the lands an elbow drop from the top on Brutus, Enofe goes for a nearfall but Julius breaks it up, Enofe then gets drop on his face and shoulder, Julius then comes in and lands a suplex on Enofe, followed by a belly-to-belly to Blade, Julius then picks up and slams Enofe, Julius then lands a German suplex on Enofe, Blade then lands a flying closeline on Julius from the top rope, Julius then lands a rolling flip on Blade, followed by a closeline from Brutus to a seated Blade for the pinfall victory.

Winners via pinfall and STILL NXT tag team champions: The Creed Brothers at 13:58. 

- After the match, both teams shake hands.

- Indi Hartwell tells Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez to be careful because NXT is a crazy place, Indi says she become NXT champion before Cora could legally drive and before Roxanne could legally drink, they all agree on that they hate Toxic Attraction and they will take them down tonight.

- Tiffany Stratton makes her entrance, Tiffany Stratton vs Fallon Henley is next.

- We get a video package highlighting Apollo Crews beating up rude customers at a restaurant.

Match 2: Tiffany Stratton vs Fallon Henley

- The match starts off with both women locking up with Tiffany locking up Fallon in the corner; Fallon then lands a stiff elbow to the face of Tiffany, Tiffany then wraps Fallon into the ring apron, Tiffany than slams her face-first into the apron, Stratton then chokes Fallon with her legs, Fallon then lands three forearms, followed by a running facebuster, Tiffany then lands a knee to the stomach of Fallon, followed by a running meteora on a seated Fallon, Tiffany then lands a slam on Fallon, Wendy Choo then distracts Tiffany at ringside, Wendy Choo then throws cafetti in the face of Stratton, Henley then rolls up Stratton for the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Fallon Henley at 3:08

- Bron Breakker runs into Duke Hudson backstage, Bron challenges Hudson to a rematch but this time for the NXT championship, Hudson then accepts.

- Wes Lee makes his entrance, Wes Lee vs Xyon Quinn in next!

- We get a video package hyping up Lash Legend.

Match 3: Wes Lee vs Xyon Quinn

- The match starts off with Lee rolling up Quinn for a nearfall, Quinn then throws Lee off the top of the middle rope but Lee lands on his feet, Xyon then lands a double elbow to the face of Lee, Xyon then picks up Lee off the ground before throwing him, Quinn then lands a shoulder tackle to a seated Lee inbetween the ropes, Lee then lands a kick to the head of Quinn, Lee then lands a corkscrew from the top rope for a pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Wes Lee via pinfall at 2:51.

- We get a video package highlighting Nathan Frazer.

Match 4: The Dyads vs Dante Chen and Javier Bernal

- Then lands an elbow to the back of Dyad number one, Dyad #1 then holds Chen and throws him face-first into the second turnbuckle, Dyad #2 then lands a punch, knocking down Chen, Dyad #1 holds Dante as Dyad #2 punches Chen multiple times, Chen then comes in and lands a series of kicks on Dyad #1; Dyad #1 then lands a closeline on Chance, The Dyads then land a double team tilted DDT for the pinfall victory.

Winners via pinfall: The Dyads at 3:57.

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-Joe Gacy then says that the Dyads have taken the next step in the right direction, Gacy says that this society has made the Dyads feel inferior when they deserve to feel superior, Gacy says that this is acceptance for people who believe in his message.

-Stacks and Two Dimes get a promotion from Tony D'Angelo, next.

- We get a video package hyping up the return of Nikkita Lyons from injury.

- Legado Del Fantasma walk Tony D'Angelo, Stacks, and Two Dimes to the ring. D'Angelo says that every since he's made the phone call to bring them down here, they've sacrificed and stepped up big for the family. D'Angelo says that Stacks and Two Dimes have given everything to the family, Tony then promotes them from associates to members of the family, Tony then hands Two Dimes and Stacks watches, Tony tells Two Dimes to go get a steak dinner, Tony tells Stacks to take his girl to somewhere nice, Tony says that they have a code of silence that you never rat on your family and you always keep your mouth shut, Tony says that he now has the strongest family in all of NXT, Tony says that its time for him to be a champion but Carmelo Hayes interrupts, Hayes says that he promises that Tony wants no problems with him or the title, Tony says that him and his title are now his business, Trick says that they don't take well to threats, Tony says that Hayes may be great, but he isn't the don of NXT, Tony D'Angelo then challenges Carmelo Hayes to a championship match next week, Stacks and Two Dimes then challenges Hayes and Williams to a match later tonight.

- We see Bron Breakker and Duke Hudson walking down the hallway, Bron Breaker vs Duke Hudson for the NXT championship is next.

Match 5: NXT title: Bron Breakker (c) vs Duke Hudson

- Hudson attacks Bron from behind before the match starts, Bron then lands a series of shoulder tackles, followed a spear and a powerslam for the pinfall victory.

Winner and STILL NXT champion: Bron Breaker.

- After the match, Cameron Grimes comes out, Grimes says that him and Bron haven't had a chance to talk yet, Grimes says that he's going to tell Bron exactly what's on his mind, Grimes says that if Bron didn't have that last name he wouldn't have the championship, Grimes says that Bron ate better than him, Grimes says that Bron's dad has a Hall Of Fame ring but thats the problem, everyone knows who his dad was but no one knows who his is, Grimes says that his dad had to look down on his boy winning a championship while Bron's got to sit in the crowd, Grimes then challenges Bron Breakker to an NXT championship match at The Great American Bash, Bron accepts.

- Giovanni Vinci makes his debut next.

Match 6: Giovanni Vinci vs Guru Raaj

- The match starts off with Vinci taking down Guru with an armlock, Vinci then takes down Raaj with a headlock, Vinci then lands a running shoulder block on Vinci, Vinci then lands a crossbody from the second rope, followed by four stiff chops to the chest of Raaj in the corner, Vinci then lands another running shoulder tackle, followed by a sit-down powerbomb for the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Giovanni Vinci at 2:54. 

- Grayson Waller interrupts Solo Sikoa, Sikoa says that Waller rode Apollo's powerbomb into the ground, Waller says that Sikoa won because of Apollo, Solo Sikoa vs Grayson Waller is made official for next week.

- Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams make their entrance, Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams vs Two Dimes and Stacks is next.

Match 7: Two Dimes and Stacks vs Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams. 

Stacks and Two Dimes then land a series of kicks to Hayes in the corner, Hayes then lands closeline on Stacks, Trick then lands a series of closelines, followed by a facebuster, Wilde gets involved but Is closelined to the outside, Hayes then lands a splash from the top rope for the pinfall victory.

Winners via pinfall: Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams. 

- We see Toxic Attraction walking down the hallway, Toxic Attraction vs Cora Jade, Roxanne Perez, and Indi Hartwell next.

Match 8: Toxic Attraction vs Indi Hartwell, Cora Jade, and Roxanne Perez. 

- The match starts off with Mandy Rose and Indi Hartwell, both women lock up, Indi runs at Mandy but Mandy backs into the ropes, Jacey then lands a neckbreaker on Cora, Cora then lands an armdrag on Mandy, Indi then lands sidewalk slam on Mandy Rose, Mandy then rolls to the outside, Roxanne, Cora, and Indi all take out Toxic Attraction as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Jayne take over Roxanne with a stretch submission, Roxanne then lands a series of armdrags to Jayne, both women then exchange a series of quick nearfalls, Jayne then lands a senton on Roxanne for a nearfall, both women then slap each other on the chest and exchange a series of forearms, Roxanne then lands a knee to the face of Jayne, Indi then lands an uppercut on Jayne, Cora then lands a hurricarana on Mandy, Mandy then lands a kick to the back of Jade, Indi Hartwell gets the tag but the referee doesn't see it as Jayne distracts the ref, Gigi then locks Cora in a backbreaker submission, Perez then jumps on Gigi and lands a series of punches, Indi punches Mandy and throws her to the outside, Cora then lands a senton from the top rope into Gigi, Perez then tags in and makes the pinfall.

Winners via pinfall: Roxanne Perez, Cora Jade, and Indi Hartwell at 13:50.