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WWE NXT Results For June 28, 2022

June 28th, 2022
Capital Wrestling Center
Orlando, Florida

- Welcome to our live coverage of WWE NXT, announced for tonight's show, Ikemen Jiro will take on Giovanni Vinci, Indi Hartwell will take on Kiana James, Sanga will battle Xyon Quinn, and Cora Jade will team with Roxanne Perez to take on Kayden Carter and Katana Chance in a number one contenders match.

Match 1: Kayden Carter and Katana Chance vs Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez

- The match starts off with Cora and Kayden, Kayden lands an armdrag on Cora, they two then exchange slaps to the chest, Kayden then lands an armdrag from the top rope as she tags in Katana, Katana then lands a headscissors slam on Cora for a two count, Cora then hits a dropkick to the face of Katana, Roxanne then lands two uppercuts in the corner to Katana, followed by a tilt-a-whirl headscissors in a rollup for a two count, Roxanne then takes Katana down with an armlock, Kayden then hits a kick from the apron to the face of Roxanne, Katana then hits a rolling senton from the rope onto Roxanne for a nearfall, Katana then goes for a powerbomb but Perez slams her throat first into the top rope, Cora and Roxanne then hits dropkicks on Katana and Kayden, Kayden then hits a closeline on Roxanne, Kayden then throws Roxanne to the outside as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Kayden Irish whip Roxanne in the corner, Kayden then hits a backstabber in the ropes, Katana then hits a double footstomp from the top rope onto Roxanne as shes placed on the knees of Kayden, Kayden then puts Roxanne in a boston crab, Chance then puts Roxanne in a boston crab, Chance then tags in Cora, Cora then lands an enzuigiri on Kayden, followed by a running jumping knee to the face of Kayden in the ropes for a nearfall, both Kayden and Roxanne then kick each other, Cora then pulls Kayden out of the ring before Chance can hits the 450, Roxanne then hits a code red on Chance to secure the pinfall victory.

Winners via pinfall: Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade at 13:45. 

- Joe Gacy is backstage with The Creed Brothers, Gacy says that if Strong doesn't respect him then there's a place with him, Roderick Strong then comes in, Strong says that Diamond Mine is the strongest family in NXT, Gacy says that he smells hospitality, Gacy says that if they want to prove they're family, they can do it tonight.

- Jacey Jayne says that she was unimpressed with Roxanne and Cora's performance, Mandy says that Roxanne should of used her contract on the tag title match instead, Nikkita Lyons then interrupts, Lyons says that she's watching Mandy, Mandy then challenges Nikkita to a match later tonight.

Match 2: Giovanni Vinci vs Ikemen Jiro

- The match starts off with Vinci going behind Jiro before pushing him into the corner, Jiro then locks in an armbar on Vinci, Vinci then hits Jiro with a german suplex, Vinci then hits Jiro with four stiff chops in the corner, Jiro then hits a spinning kick to the stomach of Vinci, Jiro then hits a sidekick to the head of Vinci from the apron, Vinci then hits a leaping tornado DDT from the top rope, Vinci then hits a sit-down powerbomb on Jiro to gain the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Giovanni Vinci at 3:00. 

- We will hear from the new NXT UK champions, Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen next.

- Carmelo Hayes says that confidence and disrespect is why he's the A champion, Grayson Waller then interrupts, he then has Hayes sign a basketball for his "mates" back home.

- Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs are in the ring, Jensen announces that they are the brand new NXT UK champions, Briggs says that they brought the fight to the UK, Briggs says that they will get a championship rematch when they return from injury, Jensen says that he's been busting his ass everyday for the fans and for Briggs, Jensen then thanks Briggs for picking him as a tag partner, Fallon Henley then proposes that they drink some beer, Pretty Deadly then interrupt, Elton Prince says that theose titles were ones gorgeous and now they've been spoiled by American trash, Prince says that they don't deserve the champions, Prince says that they lowered the prestige of the titles, Kit Wilson says that they are the only ones who can bring prestige back to those titles, Briggs says that there's alot of good teams who's held these, but they aren't one of them, Briggs then hits qn inverted atomic drop on Wilson, Henley then slaps Wilson, Briggs then closelines Wilson outside the ring, Wilson is then punched off the apron.

- We get a video package hyping up the NXT champion, Bron Breakker.

Match 3: Indi Hartwell vs Kiana James

- The match starts off with both women locking up, Indi then goes behind Kiana, Kiana then pushes her off, Indi then hits an armdrag on Kiana, Indi then slams Kiana facefirst into the top turnbuckle, Kiana then racks Indi throat first on the second rope, Kiana then hits a running shoulder tackle to Ind in the corner, Kiana then puts Indi in a headscissors around the waist, Indi then hits a running boot to a seated Kiana, Indi then hits two closelines on Kiana, Indi then hits an uppercut in the ropes, followed by a running knee for a nearfall, Indi then goes for the pretty Savage but Kiana moves out of the way, Kiana then rolls up Indi while using the ropes to secure the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Kiana James at 3:51.

Match 4: Roderick Strong and The Creed Brothers vs Joe Gacy and The Dyad

- The match starts off with Strong and Gacy, Gacy then lands a shoulder tackle on Strong, Strong then takes down Gacy but Gacy backs Strong into his corner, Roderick then takes Dyad #1 with an armdrag, Brutus Creed then hits an armdrag on Dyad #1, Brutus then hits a gut-wrench suplex on Dyad #1, Julius then hits a gut-wrench suplex into Dyad #1, Brutus and Julius then take turns kneeling Dyad #1 in the ribs, Julius then lands another knee to the stomach of Dyad #1, Dyad #1 then rolls to the outside, Dyad #1 then hits two closelines on Julius, followed by a choke, Dyad #1 then puts Julius in a headlock, Dyad #2 then lands a crossface strike to the face of Julius, Gacy then lands a punch on Julius, Dyad then comes in and attempts a suplex on Julius but Julius counters it into a rollup for a two count, Dyad then hits a closeline on Julius, The Creed Brothers and Strong then hit three suplexes on Gay and The Dyads before sending them to the outside as we go to commercial break.

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*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Gacy land a chopblock to the back of the knee of Brutus, Gacy then hangs upside down in the corner as the Dyad hold Brutus and make him watch, Gacy then hits a standing rock bottom on Brutus for a nearfall, Dyad then hits Brutus with a neckbreaker for yet another nearfall, Dyan then Irish whips Brutus into a closeline from the other Dyad, Dyad then puts Brutus in a headlock, Julius then takes down the Dyads with closelines, followed by a suplex, Julius then hits a rolling slam on Dyad, Strong then tags himself him, Strong then hits a flying jumping knee, Julius and Strong then push each other, Brutus then hits a pounce on Gacy, The Dyads then switch out behind the referee's back, The Dyads then hit Strong with a doubleteam DDT to secure the pinfall victory.

Winners via pinfall: The Dyads and Joe Gacy at 13:57. 

- Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams learn that Hayes has to defend his North American championship against Grayson Waller next week, we learn that Grayson tricked Hayes into signing a championship contract when he signed the basketball.

- Lash Legend says that Alba Fyre is out permanently and last week we learned that she just doesn't talk the talk, she walks the walk, Legend says that the rest of the NXT women's division better stay out of her way.

Match 5: Xyon Quinn vs Sanga

- Before the match, Xyon Quinn jumps Sanga on the ramp, both men brawl as referees come out to break up the brawl as we go to commercial break.

- The match starts off with Xyon Quinn rolling to the outside, Sanga then hits a series of stiff forearms to the head of Quinn, Quinn then attempts a shoulder tackle but Sanga doesn't go down, Sanga then knocks Quinn down with a shoulder tackle, Sanga then sends Quinn facefirst in the top turnbuckle, Sanga then hits a suplex on Quinn, Sanga then goes for an elbow drop but Quinn moves out of the way, Quinn then puts Sanga in a headlock, Sanga then slams Quinn into the corner to break the hold, Sanga then puts Quinn in a crossface chickenwing, Sanga then hits a closeline on Quinn, Sanga then hits a suplex on Quinn, Sanga then hits Xyon with a chokeslam to secure the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Sanga at 5:07.

- We get a video package highlighting the upcoming NXT championship match between Bron Breakker and Cameron Grimes.

- We see Nikkita Lyons backstage and Toxic Attraction walking backstage, Nikkita Lyons vs Mandy Rose is next.

Match 6: Nikkita Lyons vs Mandy Rose

- The match starts with both women locking up, Lyons then hits an armdrag followed by a kip-up, Lyons then hits three shoulder tackles to Mandy in the corner, followed by a throw, Lyons then hits a running splash to Mandy in the corner, followed by a hiptoss, Lyons then hits another splash in the corner followed by another hiptoss as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Lyons kicks off Mandy, Lyons then lands a series of punches on top of Mandy, Mandy then lands a series of punches on top of Lyons, Mandy then continues to work on the previously injured knee of Lyons, Lyons then counters and lands another series of strikes, Mandy then lands another series of punches but Lyons puts her in a submission, Mandy then quickly reaches the ropes, Mandy then calls Lyons a nobody as she pushes her, Lyons then lands a series of kicks to the chest of Mandy, followed by a jumping forearm in the corner and a german suplex, Mandy then hits a missle dropkick from the top rope, Lyons then hits a kick to the leg, back, and face of Lyons, Gigi Dolin and Jacey Jayne then attack Lyons, causing the disqualification.

Winner via disqualification: Nikkita Lyons at 9:01.

- After the match, Gigi and Jacey hold Lyons as Mandy trash talks her, Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade then make the save, Perez and Jade hit a doubleteam superkick on Mandy, Toxic Attraction then retreat up the ramp

-Solo Sikoa is backstage with Apollo Crews, Sikoa says that he can't believe Grayson Waller beat him last week, Crews tells Sikoa that he's something special, Xyon Quinn then interrupts, Quinn says that Apollo can't become the perfect WWE star because he is, Apollo says that on paper, Quinn's future looks bright, but when Apollo looks at Quinn's future, it doesn't look too bright.

- We then see Bron Breakker and Cameron Grimes making their way into the Capital Wrestling Center, the face-to-face is next.

- We get a video package highlighting the debut of JD McDonough.

- Wade Barrett is in the ring to host the face-to-face confrontation between the NXT champion, Bron Breakker and Cameron Grimes, Grimes makes his entrance first, followed by Bron, Bron tells Barrett to leave because they just wanna talk, Bron says that he's had the great honor of defending the NXT title against great competitors, Bron says that Grimes has everything to gain and nothing to lose, Grimes says that if Bron loses that title he will get brought up to Raw or Smackdown and he will probably be at Summerslam, Grimes says that he doesn't have a backup plan and if he loses, this is all for him, Grimes says that this has always been Bron's backup team, Grimes says that the Ravens told Bron that he wasn't good enough to play on the field so Bron called up his pops to get into WWE, Bron says that next week Grimes is going to the moon but he won't like what he gets when he gets there because he's going to spear him in half, Grimes says that he may knock hum down but he will get back up, Bron says that he will keep knocking him down, Bron says that after he's done, maybe Grimes can call up Ted DiBiase to ask him what to do next, Grimes says that Bron doesn't have his heart, Grimes says that Bron's dad never had any heart either and that why he was never world champion, Bron then picks up Grimes but Grimes counters and sends Bron into the turnbuckle, Grimes then sends Bron into the turnbuckle once again, this time breaking the top turnbuckle, referees and medical then check on Bron, Grimes says that he might not be able to beat Bron at 100% but Bron won't be 100% next week, NXT goes off the air as we see medical checking on Bron Breakker.