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WWE NXT Results for June 7, 2022

June 7th, 2022
Capital Wrestling Center
Orlando, Florida

Welcome to our live coverage of WWE NXT, Announced for tonight's show, Josh Briggs will attempt to dethrone Von Wagner, Tatum Paxley will do battle with Alba Fyre, and Tiffany Stratton will face off against Roxanne Perez in the finals of the NXT women's breakout tournament.

- NXT starts off with a video package highlighting NXT In Your House 2022.

- NXT officially kicks out with the new North American Champion, Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams. Trick says that things are back to normal with Hayes as North American champion, Hayes says that the best version of Cameron Grimes showed up at In Your House but now, Hayes is the gold, Hayes says that Melo doesn't chase dreams, dreams chase Melo, Hayes then says that he bets that anytime anyone reaching for his goals they fail because he's better than them, Hayes then calls himself the most illustrious North American champion in history, Solo Sikoa then interrupts, Solo says that this is NXT 2.0, where they do less talking and more fighting, Solo says that he's next in line for the North American title, Trick says that Sikoa made that deal with Cameron Grimes, Sikoa says that he has Haye's number and everyone knows it, Grayson Waller then interrupts, Grayson says that Sikoa isn't famous enough to have Melo's number, Grayson says that he doesn't care who Sikoa's family is, he doesn't get opportunities, Grayson says he's called Solo because no one wants him here, Sikoa then punches Hayes and Trick, Waller then attacks Sikoa from behind, all three men stomp away at Sikoa until referees come out and break it up.

- We get a video package hyping up the upcoming match between Josh Briggs and Von Wagner.

- We see footage from earlier in the day of Tony D'Angelo making Legado Del Fantasma run their errands, Tony announces that Escobar has a match tonight.

Match 1: Von Wagner vs Josh Briggs

- The match starts with both men brawling, Wagner then lands a series of shoulder tackles on Briggs in the corner, Briggs then lands a flying shoulder tackle, Wagner then lands a big boot on Briggs, Wagner then punches Briggs in the corner until the count of four, Briggs goes to make a comeback by landing a series of punches, but Wagner is able to land a big boot, Wagner then sends Briggs back first into the ring apron, Wagner then slams the injured hand of Brooks Jensen against the apron, Fallon Henley districts the referee as Brooks Jensen slides his hand cast to Briggs, Briggs then uses the hand cast on the forehead of Wagner, Briggs then lands a stiff Lariat on Wagner for the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Josh Briggs at 3:03.

- Solo Sikoa is interviewed, Solo says that he wants Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams tonight and if someone wants to join him they can.

- Nathan Frazer makes his entrance, Nathan Frazer vs Santos Escobar is next!

- Thea Hail accepts her scholarship into Chase University, Pretty Deadly interrupt, Bodhi Hayward asks Pretty Deadly what happened to their NXT Tag team championships.

- Tony D'Angelo comes out to do comment

Match 2: Santos Escobar vs Nathan Frazer 

- The match starts off with Santos going behind Frazer but Frazer gets to the ropes, Santos then lands a go-behind takedown, Frazer lands a moonsault from the top rope, landing behind Santos, Frazer then lands a hurricarana in the ring, Frazer goes for a suicide dive but Santos walks out of the way, Santos then lands an enzuigiri to Frazer on the apron, Santos lands a suicide dive onto Frazer on the outside, Tony D'Angelo yells at Santos and tells him to no longer do that as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Frazer landing a series of punches on Santos, Santos then lands a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a nearfall, Santos then puts Frazer in a Mexican surfboard, followed by a faceslam for another nearfall, Santos then locks in a boston crab on Frazer but Frazer is able to reach the bottom rope, Frazer then lands a running forearms onto Santos, Frazer then lands a backflip into an inverted DDT, followed by a standing shooting star but Santos kicks out, Frazer goes to the top but Santos counters, Santo then lands a superkick on Frazer, sending Frazer to the outside, Santos then hits another superkick, a weapon was then thrown into the ring by Stacks, Santos refuses to use the weapon, Frazer then hits a Fenix splash for the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Santos Escobar at 11:54. 

- We will hear from NXT champion, Bron Breaker next!

- Bron Breakker makes his entrance, Bron says that NXT In Your House was a battle, Bron says that Gacy made it possible but no matter what no one is taking the title away from him, Bron says that everyone wants a shot at his championship, Bron then calls out a new challenger, Apollo Crews then interrupts, Apollo says that he's missed the energy from the NXT crowd, Apollo says that he's staying here as long as he wants, Apollo then calls Bron one of the best athletes in WWE and that he wants a title shot down the road.

- Joe Gacy says that there are people in this world that need guidance, Gacy says that they two mysterious hooded figures came to him and they are exposing the word and their message on this platform, Gacy says that they are still with them and that they will now go by The Dyad, and they will make their NXT in-ring debut next week.

Match 3: NXT Women's breakout tournament finals: Tiffany Stratton vs Roxanne Perez

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- The match starts with Stratton pushing Perez down, Perez then goes behind and locks in a headlock, Perez then lands a tilt-a-whirl headscissors but Stratton lands on her feet, Perez then stomps on the hand of Stratton, Perez then locks Stratton in an armlock, Stratton counters and locks in an armlock of her own while pulling back the fingers of Perez, Stratton goes for a powerslam but Perez counters and lands a running forearm in the corner, Perez tries to use Stratton's hand to land a top rope hurricarana but Stratton counters and racks the arm of Perez on the top rope as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Stratton trying to make Perez submit via armbar, Perez turns it into a rollup but only gets two, Stratton then slams Perez down on the mat shoulder fast, Stratton then lands a standing moonsault on the arm of Perez for another nearfall, Stratton once again locks in the armbar, Stratton then lands a snapmirror on the arm of Perez, Stratton then lands a backhand springboard elbow, Perez then tackles Stratton from the top, before landing a series of punches and a suicide dive to the outside, Perez then lands a standing twisting moonsault for a two count, Stratton then lands a powerbomb for a nearfall, Stratton goes for a top rope moonsault but Perez counters and lands a code red for the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Roxanne Perez at 12:21. 

- After the match, Cora Jade presents Roxanne Perez with the women's championship contract, Toxic Attraction then interrupt, Mandy said that all those long bus rides paid off and she should be proud of herself, especially with her best friend by her side, Mandy tells Perez to enjoy this moment because its all downhill from here, Mandy says that Perez has a better chance at going to Raw or Smackdown rather Rohan challenging her, Mandy says that Cora had two opportunities but failed both times, Mandy says that this title isn't doing anywhere, Perez then punches Mandy Rose and a brawl breaks out, Indi Hartwell comes out and takes out Gigi Dolin and Jacey Jayne, Perez and Cora land a double superkick on Mandy, Hartwell then lands a big boot to Mandy, knocking her off the apron.

- Bodhi Hayward is being checked on backstage by officials and Chase University after being attacked by a mystery attacker.

- Wendy Choo is interviewed, Tiffany Stratton interrupts and claims that Roxanne Perez cheated and that she wants her rematch, Wendy Choo then throws her drink in the face of Stratton.

Match 4: Pretty Deadly vs Andre The Chase

- The match starts with Chase attacking Pretty Deadly, Chase lands a big back bodydrop on Prince, Chase then closelines Kit Wilson outside the ring, Chase goes to run the ropes but Kit trips him, Prince lands an elbow to the back of the head of Chase, Prince then throws him face-first into the second turnbuckle, Prince then chokes Chase in the corner with his boot, Pretty Deadly stomp away at Chase as Hayward crawls down the ramp, Thea Hail then asks for the tag, Thea slaps Prince, Chase then lands a russian leg sweep on Wilson, followed by a series of kicks, Prince lands a big boot to Chase inbetween the ropes, Pretty Deadly then hit the spilt milk on Andre Chase for the pinfall victory.

Winners via pinfall: Pretty Deadly at 3:14.

- Tony D'Angelo offers that Carmelo Hayes follows his lead so that he can keep his title, Hayes declines Tony's offer, Tony says that if Hayes steps in his way he will have a short title run.

Match 5: Alba Fyre vs Tatum Paxley 

- The match starts off with both women locking up, Paxley lands a fireman's carry takeover into a rollup for a two count, Fyre then takes down Paxley and rolls her up with a crucifix for a two count, Fyre then lands a knee to the face of a running Paxley for a nearfall, Fyre then chops Paxley in the corner, followed by a face-first suplex for a nearfall, Fyre then hits a gorybomb, followed by a swanton from the top rope for the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Alba Fyre at 2:38.

- After the match, Lash Legend attacks Alba Fyre on the ramp.

- Roderick Strong congratulates The Creed Brothers on becoming the new NXT tag team champions, Edris Enofe and Malik Blade then interrupt, Edris says that they want a shot at the tag titles next, The Creed Brothers give them a tag title match next week to the dismay of Roderick Strong, Strong says that they are lucky to be champs and they made a mistake by giving Edris and Blade a tag title match.

Match 6: Solo Sikoa and Apollo Crews vs Grayson Waller and Carmelo Hayes

- Before the match starts, Sikoa says that he brought a partner, Apollo Crews then makes his entrance. Sikoa and Crews send Hayes, Trick Williams, and Grayson Waller to the outside, Sikoa and Hayes start out the match but Hayes immediately tags Waller, Waller lands a headbutt on Sikoa but it only hurts himself, Sikoa lands a suplex on Waller, Crews then lands a splash over the top rope on Waller, followed by a standing vertical suplex at the crowds count of thirty, Sikoa then lands an elbow to the face of a running Waller, Sikoa then holds Grayson's arm as Apollo jumps off the top rope with an axehandle, Hayes then lands a tilt-a-whirl bomb on Apollo, Grayson then kicks away at Apollo in the corner, followed by a snapsuplex, Hayes then lands a snapmirror and a kick to the chest of Apollo for a one count, Sikoa and Waller then tag in, Sikoa lands a running hip attack to Waller in the corner, Crews then jumps over the top rope, taking out Waller and Hayes with a crossbody as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Waller land a jawbreaker on Sikoa, Hayes gets tagged in, Sikoa throws him in the ring from the apron, Sikoa then lands a running splash to Hayes in the corner, Hayes then hits a flying closeline from the second rope on Sikoa, followed by a series of punches, Waller then trips Sikoa from the outside as Waller lands a series of kicks, Waller then lands an elbow drop from the second rope but Sikoa kicks out at two, Hayes then goes for an elbow drop from the apron but Sikoa moves out of the way, Hayes then lands a big boot on Sikoa, Waller then lands a series of knees to the face of Sikoa, Waller then locks in a crossface on Sikoa but Sikoa is able to reach the bottom rope, Sikoa then uses Waller to knock Hayes off the apron and throat first on the guard rail, Apollo gets the tag and lands german suplexes on Hayes and Waller, Crews then lands a running forearm on Waller, followed by a standing moonsault, Crews goes for the three but Hayes breaks it up, Sikoa then closelines himself and Hayes over the top rope, Apollo then hits Waller with the spin out powerbomb for the pinfall victory.

Winners via pinfall: Apollo Crews and Solo Sikoa at 13:45. 

- NXT ends with Apollo Crews and Solo Sikoa celebrating.