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WWE NXT Results for May 17, 2022



May 17th, 2022
Capital Wrestling Center
Orlando, Florida

Welcome to our live coverage of WWE NXT, announced for tonight's show, Cameron Grimes and Solo Sikoa will team up to take on Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams, The Creed Brothers will do battle against the Viking Raiders, the continuation of the first ever NXT women's breakout tournament, and Santos Escobar will go to war with Tony D'Angelo!

- NXT starts off with a video package highlighting the NXT women's breakout tournament and Cora Jade vs Natalya from last week.

Match 1: Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams vs Solo Sikoa and Cameron Grimes 

- The match starts off with with both Grimes and Sikoa landing knees on Trick and Carmelo, Grimes then kicks the chest of Trick and Sikoa lands a senton, Sikoa then lands a suplex on Trick followed by a kick to the chest, Grimes comes in and kicks at the chest of Trick while Sikoa lands chops, Trick then launches Hayes from the second rope into a crossbody onto Grimes, Sikoa then lands a splash to Trick in the corner, Trick then lands a swinging neckbreaker on Sikoa, followed by a series of kicks as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Hayes choking Sikoa with a headlock, Trick and Hayes then trip Sikoa from the outside, Hayes then lands a jumping elbow over the top rope onto the back of Sikoa, Sikoa then gets the hot tag to Grimes, Grimes then lands a running kick to the chest of Trick from the apron, Grimes then lands a crossbody to Hayes from the top rope, Sikoa then tags himself in and goes for a Samoan drop on Hayes but they counter, Hayes is then able to landing a flying closeline to Grimes from the second rope, Sikoa then lands a rock bottom on Hayes and climbs the top rope, Grimes lands the cave in onto Trick as Sikoa lands the splash from the top rope onto Hayes for the pinfall victory.

Winners via pinfall: Solo Sikoa and Cameron Grimes at 9:58

- After the match, Solo Sikoa takes Grime's North American title and hands it to him, Grimes and Sikoa then stares off as Grimes poses with the title.

- Lash Legend makes her entrance, Lash Legend vs Tatum Paxley in the first round of the NXT women's breakout tournament is next!

- We get a video package highlighting NXT's newest signing, Thea Gail.

Match 2: Lash Legend vs Tatum Paxley 

- The match starts out with Legend landing a running elbow on Tatum for a two count, Tatum then lands a leg scissors on Legend, followed by a dropkick to the knee and another to the face of Legend for a two count, Legend than slams Tatum's leg against the ringpost, Legend then continues to work on the leg of Tatum in the ring by kicking away at her leg, Legend then wraps Tatum's leg in the bottom rope with a single-leg Boston crab, Legend then locks in a stretched muffler submission but Tatum counters into a roll up for a nearfall, Tatum then lands a suplex to Legend followed by a standing corkscrew for another nearfall, Tatum then tries to lift Legend up in the electric chair position but Lash counters and lands a pump-up kick for the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Lash Legend via pinfall at 3:51

- Tony D'Angelo is backstage with his two henchmen, Tony tells them that he will beat Santos Escobar by himself tonight.

- We learn that NXT is going back live on the road this summer!

- Duke Hudson is interviewed, Duke says that he had to take a few weeks off to clear his mind and that he's 6ft 5 and no one can compete with him, Bron Breakker then storms by and makes his entrance to the ring. Bron says that the last time we saw him Gacy dumped him in a field somewhere, Bron then tells Gacy that he can kiss his ass, Bron says that he's not coming to beat Gacy but he's coming to put him unconscious, Gacy then interrupts in the stands with his two druids, Bron says that he's ready for any type of plans that Gacy has, Gacy says that Bron is blinded by rage and that he can see the fire burning in his eyes, Gacy says that their journey together is not yet over, Gacy then challenges Bron Breakker to an NXT title match at NXT in Your House, and if Bron is disqualified he will lose the NXT title, Bron accepts.

- Indi Hartwell says that this is first time she's riding solo and she's challenging Mandy Rose for the NXT women's title, Indi says that she's going to take that measuring stick and shove it up her ass.

- The Viking Raiders make their entrance, The Viking Raiders vs The Creed Brothers is next!

- Wes Lee is interviewed, Xyon Quinn is once again unable to compete, Wes says when he's available he knows where to find him, Nathan Frazer than interrupts and says that he wants to step into the ring tonight against Wes Lee.

Match 3: The Viking Raiders vs The Creed Brothers

- The match starts with Julius Creed jumping over Ivar, Erik then lands a stiff forearm to the face of Brutus, both Viking Raiders then beat down Brutus, Erik then lands a splash to Brutus into the corner followed by a closeline from Ivar for a two count, Brutus then takes down Erik and lands a series of clubbing blows, Brutus then lands a German suplex onto Erik, Brutus then lifts Ivar and puts him on the top rope, Julius lands dropkick to Ivar, knocking him to the outside, Brutus then jumps to the outside with a modified cannonball onto the Viking Raiders as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see Julius locking Erik in a headlock, Brutus then lands a gut-wrench suplex to Julius onto Erik for a nearfall, Erik comes in and lands a shoulder tackle to Julius followed by a splash in the corner, Ivar then lands a series of back elbows to Julius followed by a bronco buster slam in the corner for a nearfall, Brutus then lifts Ivar up with a fireman's carry, Julius lands a jumping knee into a spinebuster by Brutus for a nearfall, Ivar then lands a slam to Julius from the top rope, Ivar goes for a three count but Brutus breaks up the pin, Julius goes for a superplex onto Ivar but Ivar knocks him down, Ivar goes for a big splash but misses, Julius then rolls up Ivar but Erik breaks up the pin, both teams then stand up and exchange a series of punches and knees, Roderick Strong then tries to get involved by the Creed Brothers stop them, Ivar then lands a spinning kick to Julius, followed by a double team powerbomb from the Viking Raiders for the pinfall victory.

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Winners via pinfall: The Viking Raiders at 12:47.

- Santos Escobar says that he's always been one step ahead of Tony D'Angelo, Escobar then says that there will be no interference from Legado Del Fantasma tonight.

- Tiffany Stratton finds Grayson Waller in his locker room, Tiffany asks Waller to take care of this Andre Chase situation, Andre Chase vs Grayson Waller is next!

- Bron Breakker is interviewed as shes leading the problem, Duke Hudson interrupts Bron, Duke says if he disrespects him again he won't make it to In Your House, Bron then challenges Hudson to a match, Hudson accepts but for a match next week.

Match 4: Andre Chase vs Grayson Waller

- The match starts with Waller lands a series of knees to the stomach of Chase, Waller then goes for a hiptoss but Chase counters into a swinging neckbreaker, Waller takes Chase down and lands a series of punches to the head and stomach of Chase, Chase goes for a snap suplex but Waller counters into a suplex of his own, followed by a big boot to the face of Chase, Cahse then lands a rollup but is only able to secure a two count, Waller then lands a side kick to the face of Chase for a two count, Chase then cat-a-polts Waller into to the top turnbuckle, followed by a series of closes and an inverted atomic drop, Chase then lands a series of kicks to a downed Waller, Waller lands a right hand and runs at Chase but Chase sends him into the Chase University crew, Waller than hits the rolling stunner to Chase for the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Grayson Waller at 4:14.

- Toxic Attraction is backstage, Mandy says that they're beatdown of Wendy Choo didn't send a message to the rest of the women, Mandy says that they are bringing back the toxic lounge, with their return guest being Indi Hartwell.

- Roxanne Perez makes her entrance, Roxanne Perez vs Kiana James in the first round of the NXT women's breakout tournament is next!

- Roderick Strong is backstage arguing with The Creed Brothers, Roderick says that he got the Creed Brothers a tag title match against Pretty Deadly, Pretty Deadly then interrupts and taunts Strong, Roderick suggests that next week its him and Damon Kemp vs Pretty Deadly

Match 5: Roxanne Perez vs Kiana James

- The match starts off with James taking Perez down and stepping over her back, James then lands a shoulder tackle to Perez, Perez then lands a series of armdrags followed by a kick to the stomach of James, Perez then lands a dropkick for a two count, James then locks Perez in a bow and arrow submission but Perez gets out of it with a pinfall attempt, which secures her a two count, James then goes for a Boston crab but Perez counters it, James is then able to lock in the Boston crab but Perez once again gets out of it with a pin and a one count, James then lands a swinging backbreaker to Perez for another nearfall, Perez is then able to land a tilt-a-whirl headscissors on James, Perez then takes down James and lands a series of punches, Perez then lands a Russian leg sweep for a nearfall, James then catches Perez and lands a sidewalk slam for a nearfall, Perez then lands a code red on James for the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Roxanne Perez at 5:16

- Edris Enofe and Malik Blade are backstage taunting Santos Escobar and Tony D'Angelo, Stacks and Two Dimes (Tony D'Angelo's hencemen) interrupt and challenge Malik and Edris to a match next week.

- Nathan Frazer vs Wes Lee is next!

Match 6: Nathan Frazer vs Wes Lee

- The match starts off with both men locking up, Wes Lee lands an armdrag on Frazer, Frazer then lands an armdrag of his own, Wes Lee throws Frazer on the apron and knocks him off, Wes Lee then lands a crossbody to the outside, Frazer then lands a tope suicida on Lee, Frazer then jumps off the top but Lee catches him and lands an enzuigiri followed by a german suplex for a nearfall, Frazer goes for a top rope superllex but Lee falls on him for a nearfall, Frazer then lands a superkick, Frazer goes for a 630 but Lee moves out of the way, both men then run into each other with crossbodies, Von Wagner then takes out Frazer, Wes Lee tries to take out Wagner but is hit with a big boot, Wagner then picks up Wes Lee and throws him over the top rope, sending Lee crashing into the announce table.

Winner via disqualification: Nathan Frazer at 4:21.

- Santos Escobar vs Tony D'Angelo in the main event is next!

Match 7: Tony D'Angelo vs Santos Escobar 

--The match starts off with both men locking up, D'Angelo gets Santos against the ropes and takes a cheap shot, Tony then lands an elbow to the face of Escobar, followed by a series of kicks, D'Angelo then lands a neckbreaker to Escobar in the ropes followed by an elbow to the back of the head, D'Angelo then skins Santo's face against the top rope into the top turnbuckle, Santos then lands an enzuigiri, sending D'Angelo to the outside, Santos goes for a tope suicida but D'Angelo gets a right hand up as we go to commercial break.

*Commercial break*

- We are back from commercial as we see D'Angelo trying to submit Escobar with a side-stretch, D'Angelo then lands an inverted DDT for a nearfall, Escobar than lands a dropkick to Tony, followed by a jumping kick, sending Tony to the outside, Santos then lands a tope suicida on the outside, Santos then sends D'Angelo into the steel steps, Santos then slams D'Angelo down with an armdrag foowed by armlock but Tony is able to reach the ropes, Escobar then locks in an armlock submission, Tony then lands a right hand followed by a closeline and a running elbow, Tony then lands two belly-to-belly suplexes on Santos, Tony then lands a third belly-to-belly suplex, Tony then picks up Santos and racks him stomach first into the top rope, Santos fights back and lands a top rope hurricarana to D'Angelo, D'Angelo then goes for a hidden cane but Legado Del Fantasma reveal that they took it, Dimes and Two Stacks then take out Legado Del Fantasma, Santos Escobar then uses brass knuckles to knock D'Angelo out with a punch as the referee is distracted, allowing Santos Escobar to get the pinfall victory.

Winner via pinfall: Santos Escobar at 12:51.

- Joe Gacy says that Bron Breakker's lack of control and anger will give Gacy the NXT title and control over the world, NXT ends with Joe Gacy laughing.