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WWE NXT scheduled for run longer than 2 hours

WrestlingNewsCo composite

WrestlingNewsCo composite

If you remember the Monday Night Wars when WWE and WCW were battling for ratings, then you know about some of the tricks that were done to keep people from changing the channel. Oftentimes Raw and Nitro would run past their allotted time in an attempt to drive up their TV ratings.

As noted last week, this week's episode of NXT on USA will air with limited commercial interruption and it looks like they plan on going beyond 10 pm eastern.

According to the updated cable TV listings, NXT will run until 10:15 pm eastern so, in theory, they will be on the air a little longer than AEW. However, although AEW Dynamite is scheduled to end at 10 pm eastern, they do have a replay airing scheduled immediately after the live broadcast just like WCW Nitro used to have when they were on TNT. It's possible that TNT will let AEW run their live broadcast longer than 10 pm eastern so keep an eye for that if you are recording the show.

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