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WWE NXT star almost lost his job over the weekend amid controversy



The WWE releases over the weekend weren't good news for several people. Fans and members of the WWE locker room were surprised by this turn of events.

Although Summer Rae and Darren Young's release was not too surprising, Emma's release really came out of left field for many people. Even Dave Meltzer commented on Emma's release in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter by saying it was obviously a last-minute decision seeing how WWE booked Emma to give Asuka a run for her money on two occasions when she would have probably been squashed otherwise if they knew her release was coming.

But one guy might have stepped out of line during this entire situation was Lio Rush. When he made a comment about Emma's release by saying that's what happens when someone's not ready for Asuka it angered a lot of people. Social media kind of exploded against him and his name was trending for all the wrong reasons.

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Several people were livid at Rush for this comment and even his apology couldn't save him from a public outcry. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported after Lio Rush posted this social media message there was backstage talk that he might be released as well in the hours following the social media faux pas. Dave Meltzer wrote, "Had he not apologized quickly, I don’t think he’d still be with the company based on what we were hearing between the post and the apology."

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