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WWE NXT star gets called out for being the "sloppiest person in the locker room"

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This week on WWE NXT, there was a spot in the match between Xia Li and Aliyah where it looked like Aliyah might have been busted open. The spot happened just seconds before the match ended and Aliyah could be seen being helped by trainers and there was blood in a towel so it looked like she may have suffered a broken nose.

Aliyah's friend Vanessa Borne took issue with Li and called her the "sloppiest person in the locker room." Those are harsh words for someone who does not have a reputation from hurting people and someone who is well liked by everyone.

The tweet, which can be seen below, could be a shoot but I would not be surprised if what she said is storyline-related to plant the seeds for a Borne vs. Li match and the eventual Aliyah vs. Li rematch.

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Check out the tweet from Vanessa Borne below:

As you can see in the video below, it does not look like Li's kick lands on her face so that would indicate that the tweet seen above is just an angle.