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WWE NXT star Johnny Gargano on if he cares about match star ratings

Johnny Gargano is one WWE star that professional wrestling fans can count on to always put on a great match. When the lines shine brightest on Gargano during special NXT events, such as NXT TakeOver shows, Gargano steals the show. In fact, Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer’s star rating system has awarded Gargano two five star matches this year. Of course, plenty of fans go nuts for such ratings, and love to debate whether or not they agree with the ranking amongst themselves.

However, it’s interesting to get the performers’ takes when it comes to star ratings. Gargano was asked about this during an interview with Alex McCarthy of GiveMeSport. Gargano admitted that it’s a pretty nice notch in his belt to achieve a five star match:

“I take great pride in my work. To me, if the fans enjoy it and are having a good time and are making noise, that’s really all that matters to me. But I am still a wrestling fan, historian, and purist at heart. So getting five stars is cool because people do care about that. It’s a notch in my belt.

“But wrestling is subjective. What Dave Meltzer gave five stars, some people may give two or three stars. It’s all personal preference. That’s the beautiful thing about professional wrestling. It’s all an art form.”

H/T Fightful for the transcriptions


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