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WWE NXT TakeOver 31 results: Finn Balor vs. Kyle O’Reilly, Adam Cole attacked

In the main event of WWE NXT TakeOver 31, Finn Balor put his NXT Championship on the line against Kyle O’Reilly.

Notes written in real-time during the match.

Before the match, they showed The Undisputed Era with Kyle O’Reilly to give him some encouragement. They also showed Balor walking before he walked out to the arena.

The match started with some mat wrestling and it was a slow pace for the first several minutes with Balor dominating for most of that time until O’Reilly was able to fight back with some knees to the face and body. O’Reilly hit a pair of double underhook suplexes and a jumping DDT into a pin attempt but Balor took over after a low spinning kick to the liver that made O’Reilly fall to the mat and Balor dominated the match for several more minutes until O’Reilly was able to hit a low dropkick to Balor’s knees. O’Reilly began to work on Balor’s left knee at this point as O’Reilly began to bleed from his mouth. Balor countered a knee bar into the Sharpshooter but O’Reilly crawled to the bottom rope.

O’Reilly was finally able to get a flurry of punches and a clothesline to stop Balor’s string of offense. O’Reilly locked in a Guillotine submission and then followed up with a knee to the body and a Brainbuster suplex and then an armbar into a triangle but Balor fought his way out of it. Balor hit the “1916” (Curtain Call) slam but O’Reilly kicked out of the pin attempt. Balor went for the double stomp off the top but O’Reilly got up and knocked Balor off onto the ropes and then executed two Dragon Screws while Balor was still on the rope. O’Reilly also hit a double stomp into Balor’s chest and a diving knee off the top to Balor’s knee. O’Reilly locked in a heel hook submission but Balor desperately tried to break out with stomps and punches to the face but O’Reilly didn’t let go of the hold. Balor was able to get to the bottom rope to break the hold.

O’Reilly hesitated as Balor crumpled to the ground but it was a ploy and Balor hit a double stomp but O’Reilly hit a knee in the corner, a German suplex and double stomp to the chest but Balor fought back and he hit the Coup de Grace off the top to retain his title in an excellent match. Balor and O’Reilly shook hands after the match.

After the hand shaking, Ridge Holland appeared with Adam Cole on his shoulder and he dumped him at ringside. The Undisputed Era ran out asking what happened, apparently not realizing that Holland was the likely culprit.

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