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WWE NXT TakeOver 31 results: live coverage



WWE NXT TakeOver 31
October 4, 2020
Capitol Wrestling Center (WWE Performance Center)
Orlando, FL

We are live with ongoing coverage of WWE NXT TakeOver 31. As always, we will have updated results throughout the show. Refresh this page for updated results or click here if you are not seeing the updates.

There were no matches on the pre-show. The pre-show consisted of video packages and interviews.

The main show opened with footage from the Capitol Wrestling Corporation days from the 1950s and early 60s. The Capitol Wrestling Center has video screens and fans in sections behind a chained linked fence.

NXT North American Championship
Damian Priest vs. Johnny Gargano

Priest dominated the first several of minutes of the match. About 10 minutes in is when things started to turn around for Gargano when he ducked a spinning kick and shoved Priest into the post and out of the ring. Gargano drove through the ropes but Priest caught him but Gargano slipped out and kicked him in the head but Priest kicked Gargano's leg as Gargano was going to try a dive off the ring apron. Priest hit a sick looking Razor's Edge onto the corner of the ring and he almost got the win but Gargano kicked out of the pin attempt.

Moments later, Gargano hit a standing sliced bread and forearm to the back for a near fall. There was another close near fall about 30 seconds later by Gargano. Priest was able to high a high choke slam on Gargano but Gargano was able to kick out of the pin attempt. Priest did a senton dive over the top but Gargano moved and he pulled security in front of him so they were taken out. Gargano hit a low blow and a superkick but Priest barely kicked out. Gargano locked in the Gargano Escape submission but Priest was able to get his foot on the bottom rope. Gargano tried to knock Priest off the ring apron and onto steel steps that were positioned at ringside but Priest fought back but Gargano hit a pair of superkicks and then he tried for One Final Beat (DDT) but Priest countered into the Reckoning finisher. Priest pinned Gargano to retain the title. Great match.

They showed footage from earlier today of The Undisputed Era and Finn Balor arriving.

KUSHIDA vs. Velveteen Dream

KUSHIDA attacked Dream during his entrance as he was posing on the turnbuckle. Vic Joseph pointed out that this KUSHIDA's first match on a TakeOver and we are seeing a different side to him.

It took a couple of minutes but Dream was finally able to turn things around with an attack at ringside. KUSHIDA was very aggressive, including one spot where Dream had his arm wedged in between the steel steps and the ring post and KUSHID drop kicked the steps.

Back in the ring, KUSHIDA locked in an armbar submission but Dream was able to slide his way out of the ring to break the hold. Back in the ring, Dream hit a powerbomb but KUSHIDA countered into an armbar again but Dream bit his way out of it. Dream hit the Death Vally Driver and then he hit the diving elbow off the top but he wasn't able to capitalize because of his "injured" shoulder so he was slow to go for the pin and that gave KUSHIDA time to kick out. Dream then hit KUSHIDA with a stiff clothesline and he was going for another elbow off the top but KUSHIDA popped up and hit a butterfly suplex off the top into a Hoverboard Lock submission. Dream countered into a Death Valley Driver but KUSHIDA held onto the submission and Dream tapped out.

KUSHIDA attacked Dream after the match with punches and another armbar submission as referees ran in to get him to back off.

A commercial aired for NXT Halloween Havoc, airing October 28 on the USA Network.

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NXT Cruiserweight Championship
Santos Escobar vs. Isaiah "Swerve" Scott

The match got off to a fast start with most of the offense coming from Scott. Things turned around for Escobar when he hit a tope dive through the ropes onto Scott at ringside.

Scott fought back with a barrage of punches to the body and a clothesline. Scott then hit a jumping European uppercut from the second rope and a rolling thunder flatliner. He also hit Escobar with a DDT off the second rope into a near fall.

Scott seemed to have things in control but Joaquin Wilde distracted the referee as Raul Mendoza tripped Scott but Scott was able to kick out of the pin attempt. Scott did a hurricanrana on Scott onto Wilde and Mendoza as Ashante Adonis ran out to help out Scott. Back in the ring, Escobar hit a kick and the Phantom Driver but Scott kicked out. Escobar hit the Three Amigo suplexes and then he tried the frog splash off the top but Scott kicked out and then he stomped on his arm and then he hit the House Call running kick to the head. Scott hit a 450 splash and he went for the pin but Escobar kicked out. Scott tried to suplex Escobar on the ring apron but Escobar shoved him off and Scott was supposed to hit the back of his head on the ring post but he missed and still sold it. Escobar hit the Double Underook slam and he pinned Scott to retain.

NXT Women's Championship
Io Shirai vs. Candice LeRae

Shirai got in the first offense of the match but LeRae turned things around quickly with a springboard off the ropes on to Shirai at ringside. Shirai hit an Asai moonsault onto LeRae from the middle rope to the floor. Back in the ring, LeRae hit Shirai with a Backstabber from the corner of the ring.

About 10 minutes into the match, Shirai hit a flurry of offense, LeRae came back with a powerbomb but Shirai came back with a Meteora (double knees in the corner) and a German suplex but LeRae countered with a snap German suplex and a Backstabber. LeRae hit a moonsault off the ropes into a pin attempt but Shirai kicked out. Shirai was able to turn things around into a crossface but LeRae rolled through into the Gargano Escape submission. The referee was knocked out of the ring accidentally by Shirai and LeRae took over on offense with a kick to the face and the Wicked Stepsister stomp. Johnny Gargano ran out with a referee shirt to make the count but Shirai kicked out as Wade Barrett said that just putting on a ref shirt doesn't make him a referee.

Gargano grabbed the NXT Women's Title as the referee got back in the ring. Johnny and the ref argued as LeRae nailed Shirai with the title to the face but Shirai kicked out of the pin attempt. LeRae went up to the top but Shirai caught her with a Spanish Fly off the top and then a moonsault. Shirai pinned LeRae to retain the title. Great match.

After the match, Toni Storm appeared on the big screen and she said that she is back in NXT and she will show everyone that it will be "Toni Time."

The final mystery vignette aired. A person was shown entering the building. She removed her helmet and revealed herself to be Ember Moon. This happened while Shirai was still in the ring.

NXT Championship
Finn Balor vs. Kyle O'Reilly

Before the match, they showed The Undisputed Era with Kyle O'Reilly to give him some encouragement. They also showed Balor walking before he walked out to the arena.

The match started with some mat wrestling and it was a slow pace for the first several minutes with Balor dominating for most of that time until O'Reilly was able to fight back with some knees to the face and body. O'Reilly hit a pair of double underhook suplexes and a jumping DDT into a pin attempt but Balor took over after a low spinning kick to the liver that made O'Reilly fall to the mat and Balor dominated the match for several more minutes until O'Reilly was able to hit a low dropkick to Balor's knees. O'Reilly began to work on Balor's left knee at this point as O'Reilly began to bleed from his mouth. Balor countered a knee bar into the Sharpshooter but O'Reilly crawled to the bottom rope.

O'Reilly was finally able to get a flurry of punches and a clothesline to stop Balor's string of offense. O'Reilly locked in a Guillotine submission and then followed up with a knee to the body and a Brainbuster suplex and then an armbar into a triangle but Balor fought his way out of it. Balor hit the "1916" (Curtain Call) slam but O'Reilly kicked out of the pin attempt. Balor went for the double stomp off the top but O'Reilly got up and knocked Balor off onto the ropes and then executed two Dragon Screws while Balor was still on the rope. O'Reilly also hit a double stomp into Balor's chest and a diving knee off the top to Balor's knee. O'Reilly locked in a heel hook submission but Balor desperately tried to break out with stomps and punches to the face but O'Reilly didn't let go of the hold. Balor was able to get to the bottom rope to break the hold.

O'Reilly hesitated as Balor crumpled to the ground but it was a ploy and Balor hit a double stomp but O'Reilly hit a knee in the corner, a German suplex and double stomp to the chest but Balor fought back and he hit the Coup de Grace off the top to retain his title in an excellent match. Balor and O'Reilly shook hands after the match.

After the hand shaking, Ridge Holland appeared with Adam Cole on his shoulder and he dumped him at ringside. The Undisputed Era ran out asking what happened, apparently not realizing that Holland was the likely culprit.