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WWE NXT TakeOver 31 results: Santos Escobar vs. Isaiah "Swerve" Scott



In the third match of the night at WWE NXT TakeOver 31, Santos Escobar put his NXT Cruiserweight Championship on the line against Isaiah "Swerve" Scott.

Notes written in real-time during the match:

The match got off to a fast start with most of the offense coming from Scott. Things turned around for Escobar when he hit a tope dive through the ropes onto Scott at ringside.

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Scott fought back with a barrage of punches to the body and a clothesline. Scott then hit a jumping European uppercut from the second rope and a rolling thunder flatliner. He also hit Escobar with a DDT off the second rope into a near fall.

Scott seemed to have things in control but Joaquin Wilde distracted the referee as Raul Mendoza tripped Scott but Scott was able to kick out of the pin attempt. Scott did a hurricanrana on Scott onto Wilde and Mendoza as Ashante Adonis ran out to help out Scott. Back in the ring, Escobar hit a kick and the Phantom Driver but Scott kicked out. Escobar hit the Three Amigo suplexes and then he tried the frog splash off the top but Scott kicked out and then he stomped on his arm and then he hit the House Call running kick to the head. Scott hit a 450 splash and he went for the pin but Escobar kicked out. Scott tried to suplex Escobar on the ring apron but Escobar shoved him off and Scott was supposed to hit the back of his head on the ring post but he missed and still sold it. Escobar hit the Double Underook slam and he pinned Scott to retain.

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