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WWE NXT TakeOver 31: Toni Storm is coming to NXT

In the semi-main event of WWE NXT TakeOver 31, Io Shirai put her NXT Women’s Championship on the line against Candice LeRae.

Notes written in real-time during the match:

Shirai got in the first offense of the match but LeRae turned things around quickly with a springboard off the ropes on to Shirai at ringside. Shirai hit an Asai moonsault onto LeRae from the middle rope to the floor. Back in the ring, LeRae hit Shirai with a Backstabber from the corner of the ring.

About 10 minutes into the match, Shirai hit a flurry of offense, LeRae came back with a powerbomb but Shirai came back with a Meteora (double knees in the corner) and a German suplex but LeRae countered with a snap German suplex and a Backstabber. LeRae hit a moonsault off the ropes into a pin attempt but Shirai kicked out. Shirai was able to turn things around into a crossface but LeRae rolled through into the Gargano Escape submission. The referee was knocked out of the ring accidentally by Shirai and LeRae took over on offense with a kick to the face and the Wicked Stepsister stomp. Johnny Gargano ran out with a referee shirt to make the count but Shirai kicked out as Wade Barrett said that just putting on a ref shirt doesn’t make him a referee.

Gargano grabbed the NXT Women’s Title as the referee got back in the ring. Johnny and the ref argued as LeRae nailed Shirai with the title to the face but Shirai kicked out of the pin attempt. LeRae went up to the top but Shirai caught her with a Spanish Fly off the top and then a moonsault. Shirai pinned LeRae to retain the title. Great match.

After the match, Toni Storm appeared on the big screen and she said that she is back in NXT and she will show everyone that it will be “Toni Time.”

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