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WWE NXT TakeOver 36 results: Kyle O’Reilly wins, goodbye Adam Cole?

Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole faced off in a two-out-of-three falls match at WWE NXT TakeOver 36. The first fall was a traditional wrestling match. The second fall was a street fight and the final fall took place inside of a steel cage. This has been hyped as “The Undisputed Finale” to signal the end of their feud.

Fall 1: Traditional Match

The first fall lasted about 3 minutes. Cole tried a Panama Sunrise but O’Reilly countered into a sunset flip and pin.

Fall 2: Street Fight

Cole started the Street Fight by using a chair to the stomach but O’Reilly fought back and then did a double stomp with a trash can that was on Cole’s head. Back in the ring, Cole recovered and landed a kick that knocked O’Reilly to the floor. Cole continued to work over O’Reilly’s rib with chair shots and shots with a kendo stick. After several minutes of offense from Cole, O’Reilly hit his own flurry of offense with the chair being used in different ways but a charge in the corner led to Cole moving out of the way and O’Reilly crashing into a chair wedged in the corner of the ring. Both men knocked each other out with a double boot. Both Cole and O’Reilly traded punches with chains wrapped around their wrists. O’Reilly won the exchange but Cole hit a superkick and then went for the cover but O’Reilly kicked out. The fight continued onto the ramp that leads to the ring and Cole was thrown off of it into the barricade. Cole recovered and then he hit a neckbreaker outside of the ring. Back in the ring, O’Reilly recovered and then he went for a move off the top but Cole caught him and slammed him onto two chairs. Cole hit the Last Shot and pinned O’Reilly.

Fall 3: Steel Cage Match

The trainers ran in to check on O’Reilly but Cole did not care and he attacked O’Reilly by slamming him onto the announcer’s table. As the cage lowered, Cole pushed O’Reilly into the ring as the announcers worried about O’Reilly not moving. Cole beat on O’Reilly but O’Reilly fought back and he hit a flurry of offense until Cole stopped him with a low blow. Cole tried to climb the cage but O’Reilly caught up to him and they both traded blows on the top rope. Cole knocked O’Reilly off and Cole hit a Panama Sunrise off the top rope but O’Reilly kicked out. Cole handcuffed O’Reilly to the top rope and then he hit him with two superkickes but O’Reilly caught the third superkick and locked in the heel hook to make him tap out. The steel cage portion of the match lasted about 5 minutes.

The loss doesn’t necessarily mean Cole is leaving but there’s a good chance that we’ll see him soon in AEW. If Cole signed a new deal with WWE then the main roster is his likely destination.

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