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WWE NXT TakeOver: In Your House – Adam Cole vs. Velveteen Dream (Backlot Brawl)

The Backlot Brawl for the NXT Championship was the fourth match of the night at WWE NXT TakeOver: In Your House. The match was taped earlier this week.

This was a cinematic match. Cole arrived in a monster truck and Dream drove inside of a Lamborghini. Dream wore a leather jacket and had a baseball bat in his hand like Negan on The Walking Dead. There was a ring in the backlot and there were no rules except that the match would need to end in the ring.

They wrestled in the ring for a couple of minutes but Cole tried to escape in a car but Dream ran up to the car and smashed the windows with a baseball bat. They fought in the lot and an Uber driver showed up for some reason. Cole as able to escape through a door but it was a trap to buy time to get a fire extinguisher so he could spray it on Dream. Moments later they battled on a ladder as the rest of The Undisputed Era showed up. COle was pushed off the ladder and onto a car windshield. Cole’s arm was busted up but he shouted instructions at TUE on how to take out Dream.

Undisputed Era tossed a bunch of chairs into the ring. Dexter Lumis showed up and he shoved Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong into the trunk of a car and he drove off. Cole was able to get back to the ring and then tried the Panama Sunrise but Dream countered into a Death Valley Driver. Dream then hit a Purple Rainmaker onto Cole through a chair but Cole was barely able to kick out of the pin attempt. Cole hit a low blow out of nowhere and then hit the Panama Sunrise onto the stack of chairs. Cole pinned Dream to retain the title and Dream can never challenge Cole for the title again.

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