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WWE NXT TakeOver: In Your House – Io Shirai is the new NXT Women’s Champion

In the main event of WWE NXT TakeOver: In Your House, Charlotte Flair put her NXT Women’s Championship on the line against Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai in a Triple Threat Match.

Notes from the match written in real-time:

As is customary for most NXT matches, it took a while for the pace to pick up. The near falls started around 10 minutes in the match. Flair hit a spear on both of her opponents but they were able to kick out. Flair tried to hit a moonsault on both women but she took knees to the face. Shirai locked in a cross face but that was broken up by a kick from Ripley.

Flair tried to hit Natural Selection but Ripley countered and Ripley hit a missile dropkick onto Ripley from the top rope. Shirai hit the double knees on Shirai into the corner and Flair then hit Shirai with the Natural Selection but Shirai kicked out of the pin attempt.

Flair was also able to lock in the Figure 8 on Shirai but Ripley pulled Flair out the ring and the action spilled to the ringside area and Shirai did a dive through the ropes onto Ripley on the floor. Flair then shoved Shirai through the In Your House set. Then it was Ripley and Flair brawling near the set. Shirai then made her way up to the top of the house so she could dive off of it onto Flair and Ripley on the floor. They made their way back into the ring and Flair crashed hard into the corner and out of the ring when she missed a spear. Flair made her way back in and then took Shirai out of the match. Ripley hit the Rip Tide off the top rope onto Charlotte but Shirai made it back in the ring to break up the pin attempt.

Shirai was back on offense but Ripley countered into the Prism Trap but Flair grabbed a kendo stick and used it on Ripley and Shirai. Flair then hit a spear and then locked in the Figure 8 but Shirai hit a moonsault off the top and then pinned Ripley to win the title.

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