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WWE NXT TakeOver: In Your House results: Karrion Kross retains, William Regal says it’s time for a change in NXT

At NXT TakeOver: In Your House, the NXT Championship was defended in a Fatal 5-Way Match. The match featured Champion Karrion Kross vs. Kyle O’Reilly vs. Adam Cole vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Pete Dunne.

It was Dunne and Kross starting the match as everyone else brawled around the ringside area. Kross took out Dunne so up next was O’Reilly and then Kross vs. Gargano and then Kross vs. Cole.

They did a spot with Gargano and Dunne taking out Kross by shoving him through the IYH door so Kross would be out of the match for the next few minutes. Dunne and Gargano were slow to get up by the stage so it was Cole vs. O’Reilly in the ring for the next couple of minutes until Gargano and Dunne got back in it.

After about 5 minutes, Kross got back into the match and he took out several wrestlers at ringside and then he focused on Gargano in the ring. Late in the match, Kross hit a German suplex on everyone but then the tables turned and he took kicks from O’Reilly, Gargano, and Dunne and a superkick from Cole. O’Reilly and Cole worked together to powerbomb Kross onto the announcer’s table.

Cole almost had the match won on Gargano with the Panama Sunrise but Dunne pulled Cole out of the ring and then he hit a brain buster outside of the ring. At this point, Kross got up and he fought Dunne in the ring. There were several finishers hit and near falls by this point. Kross kicked out of the Bitter End and Dunne locked in the triangle choke but the rest of the guys ran in to break it up. Moments later, Gargano hit Dunne with the One Final Beat but Kross caught Gargano in the chokehold but Cole broke it up and then O’Reilly hit Kross with the knee off the top to the back of the head. Cole superkicked O’Reilly during the pin attempt. O’Reilly locked Cole in a heel hook but Kross grabbed O’Reilly and locked him in the choke. O’Reilly passed out and the ref called the match.

After the match, Wiliam Regal was asked backstage to give his thoughts on the main event. Regal said he’s been the GM for 7 years and he’s never seen so much madness and it’s time for a change.

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