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WWE NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver: Karrion Kross is the new NXT Champion

Finn Balor put his NXT Championship on the line at WWE NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver. This was slotted in the semi-main event slot since they wanted the Unsanctioned match to go on last.

Balor acted like he wasn’t taking things seriously because he smiled after getting bet up by Kross in the first few minutes of the match. This backfired because it caused Kross to get fired up but Balor outsmarted him and Kross charged into the ring post as Balor moved out of the way.

Moments later, Balor got Kross in an armbar submission, Kross tried to counter but Balor countered and hyperextended Kross’ arm. Balor also worked on Kross’ ribs until Kross fought back with a kick to the stomach. Kross got a near fall after hitting a powerbomb. Kross continued to hold his ribs throughout the match. Balor fought back with knees to the body and a double stomp to the chest, followed by a kick to the chest.

Late in the match, Balor hit the Coup de Grace off the top but Kross kicked out and then locked in the straightjacket submission. Balor broke free and hit another double stomp. Balor locked in an abdominal stretch submission but Kross broke free and nailed Balor with repeated strikes to the back of the head, followed up with a German suplex and the Doomsday Saito suplex. Kross nailed Balor in the back of the head and pinned him to win the title

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