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WWE NXT TakeOver: WarGames: Women's match, big heel turn


The Women's WarGames match kicked off the main card for this year's NXT TakeOver: War Games show in Chicago.

During the pre-show Mia Yim was attacked. She was later shown being put in an ambulance and then Rhea Ripley picked Dakota Kai to take Yim's place. Kai seemed reluctant because she didn't have time to prepare for the match but she ultimately agreed to take Yim's spot. Nobody seems to know who attacked Yim.

Per the rules of WarGames, the first two participants wrestled for 5 minutes before the next person entered the match. After the first 5 minutes, entrants would get in the match at ever 3 minutes and the WarGames portion of the match would start after every wrestler is in the match. The match could end only by pinfall or submission.

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When Ripley entered the match, she brought in garbage cans, chairs and kendo sticks and she immediately slammed Belair onto one of the trash cans. Kay Lee Ray brought chairs into the match when it was her time to get in the ring. They did a crazy tower of doom spot with three women being slammed off the top by Ripley onto chairs in the ring. Belair followed up with aa 450 off the top.

Dakota Kai turned heel and attacked Tegan Nox in the shark cage, leaving her team fighting the odds. William Regal tried to stop her but she attacked him. Kai never entered the match and medics treated Nox in the shark cage on the stage so the heels had a 4 on 2 advantage.

There was some crazy stuff in this match including Io Shirai doing a moonsault off the top of the cage and landing on LeRae and Belair to a monstrous reaction from the crowd in Chicago. The finish was Ripley handcuffing herself to Baszler and hitting Baszler with the Riptide through chairs and pinning her. Great match. The faces won against big odds.

Order of entry:
1. Io Shirai
2. Candice LeRae
3. Bianca Belair
4. Rhea Ripley
5. Kay Lee Ray
6. Dakota Kai (never entered the match)
7. Shayna Baszler
8. Tegan Nox (never entered the match because she was medically unable to)

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