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After WWE canceled the next set of NXT UK tapings at BT Sport Studio in London, there was reportedly a lot of uneasiness in the locker room regarding the brand's future. The reason that talent was given for the cancellation was that BT Sport used the studio to provide coverage of the ongoing football season.

On Tuesday’s NXT 2.0, WWE brought in NXT UK stars Tyler Bate, Blair Davenport, Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey, and Wolfgang for appearances on the show, seemingly setting up a future Worlds Collide event between the brands.

Dave Meltzer noted on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio that several NXT UK stars were not called over to the United States, and they’re worried about the future of the brand.

“I’ve been asked this a lot this week, ‘What is going on with NXT UK?’. Nobody knows, but everybody in the company…I’m sure Paul Levesque knows…but there are many people in NXT UK who are presuming that (NXT UK) is not long for the world.”

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Meltzer brought up the NXT 2.0 stars noticing the NXT UK talent being used, and there are more NXT UK stars on the way to appear on television.

“NXT UK has canceled its next two tapings. There are all these signs, but WWE has not announced it, has not told anyone officially. That’s kind of the big story in WWE right now is like ‘What’s going on?’. And nobody’s telling people, ‘You don’t need to worry.’ Nobody’s said that either. So, of course, the people in the UK that were not called to come to the United States are very worried.”

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