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WWE NXT's Jordan Myles (ACH) deletes Twitter, story gains traction with mainstream media outlet



The Jordan Myles story is not going away for WWE, at least not anytime soon.

As noted on Tuesday, he announced in a Twitter video that he was quitting WWE and he labeled the company as racist.

Myles, now using the name ACH again, has since deleted his Twitter account and the story has been picked up by with the headline, "WWE Wrestler Jordan Myles Quits in Expletive-Filled Rant as He Brands the Company Racist."

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Clearly, that is not what WWE wants and the negative PR could get worse once writers from other mainstream outlets see the story.

Myles has not appeared at a live event since September 21st and it looks very unlikely that WWE will want to feature him on shows in the future. They are in a weird situation because they have not wanted to release wrestlers from their contracts but Myles is very clear that he wants nothing to do with them. As noted in the article, Myles is an independent contractor just like the rest of the wrestlers working for WWE.

Unless WWE grants him his release, he will not be able to work for another wrestling company until he fulfills the terms of his contract. WWE has not commented on Myles' claim that he has quit the company.

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