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WWE officially bans beach balls among other things from WrestleMania weekend events

It looks like we’ve seen the last of Beach Ball Mania, or at least that’s the case if WWE has anything to say about it. WrestleMania weekend and other big shows have notoriously featured beach balls in the crowd, especially during the television shows following a Big 4 pay-per-view.

But The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that people who bought travel packages to attend WrestleMania weekend were informed via email that WWE was adding to their list of banned items. Beach balls, balloons, tablets, and iPads are now banned from the WWE events along with the traditional weapons, laptops, laser pointers, and video cameras.

So if there are beach balls in the crowd this year during the Raw After WrestleMania, those fans were informed well in advance that they shouldn’t be bringing pool toys to pro wrestling events. Then again this kind of ban might just encourage rebellious fans, even more, to bring forbidden items into the event.

In all honesty, while it is fun for the live crowd to bounce a ball around it really takes away from the television product. After all, a lot of people might be very confused if the first episode of Raw they see features a distracted audience cheering for something off-camera. This actually caused WWE to break a cardinal rule in the past and show the beach balls so fans at home know what’s going on. So maybe it is for the best that fans to save playing with beach balls until they get back to the hotel pool.

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