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WWE Payback results: Bobby Lashley is the new United States Champion

The main card for WWE Payback kicked off with the United States Championship match between Apollo Crews and Bobby Lashley, who was accompanied to the ring by The Hurt Business.

After a lock up and some back and forth action, Lashley took over on offense after a minute into the match but Apollo surprised Lashley with a dropkick and moonsault to the outside of the ring. Lashley turned things around by picking up Crews on his shoulders and driving him into the ring post.

There was a close near fall when Crews was able to kick out after taking the Dominator. Crews battled back with several offensive moves including a standing moonsault and pin attempt. Crews hit two consecutive suplexes and a frog splash but Lashley kicked out of the pin attempt. Lashley turned things around with a high choke slam and the “Full Lashley” and that was enough to make Crews tap out. Lashley is the new champion. Crews attacked Lashley after the match and vowed to get the title back.

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