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WWE plans on more Roman Reigns leukemia references for Dean Ambrose-Seth Rollins feud

Many fans reacted negatively on social media after Dean Ambrose’s promo on Raw where he mentioned how Roman Reigns would have to answer to the man upstairs (God).

If you are a younger fan then you might be shocked at WWE using Reigns’ leukemia diagnosis as part of the Shield break-up feud but older fans have seen things like this for years.

One of the most distasteful angles in WWE history is when they scripted Randy Orton to tell Rey Mysterio that Eddie Guerrero is in hell. This was not long after Guerrero had passed away. Many wrestlers, including Orton, were not happy about the line but he did his job as was asked of him.

Dave Meltzer noted on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio that this is not the end of the exploitation and there are plans to continue using Reigns name as a way to get more heat on Ambrose.

The writers oftentimes get the blame from the fans but the fact is that all of this has to get filtered through Vince McMahon and most of the crude stuff you see (for example, Drake Maverick peeing himself and the dismemberment line) comes from Vince.

You can see the clip from Ambrose’s promo below:

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