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WWE plans to add talk shows to the WWE Network

The New York Times has a new article up about the WWE Network. WWE's chief revenue and marketing officer Michelle Wilson is quoted in the article and she notes that in addition to their main selling points, they are looking to add talk shows to their lineup. Jim Ross was also interviewed.

Michelle Wilson, chief revenue and marketing officer at the WWE, said that in addition to those main selling points, the network plans to add programming like talk shows or animated features to entice nonwrestling audiences.

Fans will eventually also get to view matches never broadcast to a national audience. Since the 1990s, the WWE has been acquiring the libraries of wrestling events from smaller, regional companies, with designs on someday having its own network, said Jim Ross, a former senior adviser to the WWE.

Vince McMahon is also quoted in the article and says that while the company projected 1 million buys for the network this year, he expects to surpass that number. You can read the New York Times article by clicking here.

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