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WWE plans to release NXT talent every 6 months if they do not improve

WrestlingNewsCo composite/WWE

WrestlingNewsCo composite/WWE

On the latest Bryan and Vinny show with Lance Storm as the special guest, Alvarez said that the new plan for WWE developmental is to evaluate talent every 6 months and the people who do not improve will get released.

Alvarez said, "I don't know exactly what this entails but in general, the new idea is that they are going to be heavily evaluating everybody every 6 months from this point forward. I think the idea is we no longer want people to spend 7 years in developmental. So it's gonna be like every 6 months they are going to evaluate you and if you're not getting better, you're out of there."

Alvarez continued, "Everything has changed with this new NXT. They know what they want. It's a certain type of person who works a certain way and talks a certain way and is trained from scratch and they get better quick and they move up or they're out of there. This is the new way that it's gonna work."

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Alvarez also confirmed the story about some wrestlers being released because of their vaccination status.

"Yes it is true," Alvarez said. "I have heard this from multiple sources that there were individuals that were cut because they refused to get vaccinated. Clearly, it was not all budget cuts. There were at least a small handful of the names on the list that just didn't want to get vaccinated and the company didn't want to deal with it. And probably many other things as well. That's the story."

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