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WWE Power Rankings: 1/25-2/1

30 Superstars collide in the Royal Rumble Match tonight on WWE Network

This is a top 10 ranking system for the week of January 25th through February 1st. The rankings include all active superstars and divas on the WWE television events. The list is not a popularity contest, and is based on the opinions of the author. All rankings will be based on the storylines occurring. The rankings are based on the wins/loses of the superstars. Superstars will be rewarded for holding a championship, but doesn’t secure their spot on the list.

This was a crazy week in the world of WWE. The Royal Rumble controversy garnered attention from all media outlets around the world. The drama of the Royal Rumble match completely overshadowed the WWE Championship match, which many are considering one of the greatest matches of all time. The following night, Monday Night Raw was cancelled due the blizzard in the northeast United States, but the show went on with WWE replaying most of the Royal Rumble and airing several interview segments. This special edition of Raw, which took place at WWE Headquarters, seemed to improve things for WWE as no fans were present to shift the feelings about certain superstars. Thursday Night Smackdown was a live edition due to the blizzards. Fans seemed to be forgiving the WWE, as Smackdown was the highest rating show on cable television on Thursday night. WWE isn’t avoiding the controversy that occurred at the Royal Rumble, but seems to be embracing it, as Triple H will make an announcement on Raw about the events that occurred.

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