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WWE Power Rankings: Feb. 1st - Feb. 8th


This is a top 10 ranking system for the week of February 1st through February 8th. The rankings include all active superstars and divas on the WWE television events. The list is not a popularity contest, and is based on the opinions of the author. All rankings will be based on the storylines occurring. The rankings are based on the wins/loses of the superstars. Superstars will be rewarded for holding a championship, but doesn't secure their spot on the list.

The WWE is roaring down the road to Fast Lane. Triple H made a major announcement on Monday Night Raw involving the controversy that took place at the Royal Rumble. He accused The Rock of changing the outcome of the match with his interference. The internet community speculated the announcement all weekend, but no one could have guessed the outcome. Triple H announced that Daniel Bryan would face Seth Rollins on Raw, and the winner would face Roman Reigns at Fast Lane. The winner would go on to the main event of WrestleMania to battle Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship. The Fast Lane card is filling up with each week that goes by, and a lot interesting twist could presents themselves in the near future.

#10. Paige

Paige had the biggest week of any Diva. She was announced to be the #1 contender for the Divas title, and will face Nikki Bella at Fast Lane. Paige was able to defeat Alicia Fox on both Raw and Smackdown. She won her matches in dominate fashion, and her stock is rising very quickly. The Bella Twins continue to take shots at her backstage, but she is fighting back a becoming an important baby face Diva. She'll need to keep this pace going in the coming weeks if she wants to become a three time Divas Champion.

The New Day vs. Cesaro, Tyson Kidd & Adam Rose: WWE Main Event, January 13, 2015

#9. Cesaro

Cesaro and Tyson Kidd have created a tag team that is rising fast in the division. "The Brass Ring Club", as they have named themselves, has picked up some impressive wins lately over the tag team champions. On Raw, Cesaro competed in a single match against Jimmy Uso, one half of the tag team champions. Jimmy Uso seemed to have the match in hand until he attempted a dive from the top rope, and Cesaro was able to land an incredible uppercut and gain the pinfall victory. Tyson Kidd also took a cheap shot after the match on the Usos, further leading to the point that Cesaro and Tyson want to capture those tag team title sooner than later.


#8. Rusev

Rusev had another dominate week, as he faced off against Erick Rowan. On Raw, John Cena attempted to hype up Rowan for his battle against Rusev. His attempts fell flat, as Rusev dominated Erick immediately, and made tap out on Raw and Smackdown. These wins by Rusev seem to be a direct shot at Cena, proving that he isn't afraid to face him at Fast Lane. Rusev has never been pinned or forced to submit, and the trend seems to be continuing with no signs of stopping. A win against John Cena would cement Rusev as a main event player, and put him in line for a championship title. With these wins, Rusev should find himself climbing the rankings in no time.

#7. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler has had a tough couple of weeks since gaining his job back. Enter #30 at the Royal Rumble, he believed he had a real chance at winning and heading off to WrestleMania. Those dreams, however, were dashed quickly by Kane and Big Show. This week on Raw, Ziggler faced off against Bray Wyatt. Ziggler held his own in the match, and even stole the show, but it wasn't enough to hold back Wyatt. On Smackdown, Dolph teamed with Ryback to face Gold and Stardust. The Rhodes brothers seem to be dissolving quickly, and this made things even easier for the former Team Cena. Ziggler could be on his way back up in the standings, but still has a lot to prove before that can happen. He probably shouldn't be carrying around Ryback's weights belt anymore either.

#6. Dean Ambrose

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Dean Ambrose is making his first appearance on the Power Rankings this year. Ambrose has been treading water since his loses to Bray Wyatt, but returned to prominence on Raw. He interrupted Curtis Axel and finally eliminated him from the Rumble controversy. Ambrose then called out Bad News Barrett and claimed he deserved a shot at the IC title. Calling out a champion is a very strong move, and could be exactly what Ambrose needs to elevate himself once again. On Smackdown, Ambrose was able to defeat Curtis Axel and gain another win on his road to the IC title. The Lunatic Fringe is need desperate need of some good luck and some wins over quality opponents; then he could finally find himself near the top of the rankings and closer to the WWE Championship.

#5. Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt has found himself climbing into the top five of the rankings. Wyatt has become a dominate force as of late, and that was proven when he defeated Dolph Ziggler on Raw. Wyatt also continues to deliver very cryptic messages to the WWE Universe. Wyatt seems to be strongly hinting at the Undertaker, as he claims this person used to be feared by everyone but is no longer. He continued this on Smackdown, by once again addressing this mysterious figure. Bray is on an incredible roll t0 start off 2015, and could become a real danger off the top spot on the rankings sooner than later.

#4. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins once again finds himself in the top five this week. Rollins has proven himself as a main event player time and time again, but this week on Raw, he nearly took a big step toward the main event of WrestleMania. Rollins was able to work his way into a match against Daniel Bryan, with winner going on to face Roman Reigns for a shot at Lesnar. Rollins first interfered in the Reigns-Big Show match, and cost Reigns the match; his first loss of 2015. Seth Rollins battled extremely hard against Daniel Bryan in the main event of Raw, and even with the outside interference, he came up short once again. Rollins faced Bryan on Smackdown, but this time, Rollins had help from his security team of Mercury and Noble. Rollins would again take a loss, but is still the Money in the Bank holder, thus always making him the most dangerous man in the company.

#3. Roman Reigns


Roman Reigns has had a very tough time since winning the Royal Rumble. Not only is he in danger of losing his shot at the main event at WrestleMania, but is in danger of losing it to Daniel Bryan. Roman has been under attack from the WWE Universe since winning the Rumble, and he knows he must defeat Bryan to prove who deserves to main event Mania. Reigns did drop a spot on the list this week, as he suffered an embarrassing loss to Big Show, although there was outside interference. Roman did make good on this, as he would later appear in the main event and attack Seth Rollins. Roman Reigns has a lot to prove in the coming weeks, but should find himself climbing the list once again after claiming some much needed victories.


#2. Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan was the center of controversy after the Royal Rumble. On Raw, he found himself in a battle with Seth Rollins for the chance to meet Roman Reigns at Fast Lane. Daniel Bryan was able to defeat Seth Rollins, after some help from Roman Reigns. On Smackdown, Bryan was forced into a handicap match against Rollins and his security. Daniel Bryan was able to overcome all the odds again, and picked up another victory on his road to Fast Lane and his shot to once again main event WrestleMania. Bryan is on a strong run since his return from injury, and the #1 spot in the rankings is at his fingertips.


#1. Brock Lesnar

The reigning, defending, undisputed WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World; and until that changes, the #1 spot is a lock for Brock Lesnar.