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WWE previously swerved FOX with their draft plans

We are just a couple of days from night 1 of the WWE Draft and it will be interesting to see who gets moved around as WWE hopes to keep both FOX and the USA Network happy with star power.

As noted earlier today, Dave Meltzer reported that FOX and USA are aware of the key names that will be traded so presumably they know which top names they are getting this Friday and Monday.

It was also stated by Meltzer that there are plans to fresh up both rosters by moving some NXT names up to Raw and SmackDown.

However, it should be noted that plans always change and even the TV networks are not immune to having things switched up on them. During Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez noted how there were certain names advertised for the FOX debut in 2019 but plans changed.

Alvarez said, “Before the Fox debut, before they were getting ready to do the draft, they actually aired Fox commercials with certain Superstars, I believe Charlotte might have been one of them, I forget the others, but the point is that Fox was sure they were getting certain talents, because they were told by WWE that they were getting them. Then Vince changed the plan and they did the draft and then they didn’t give it to them. So, don’t think that just because they told Fox and USA ‘this is who you’re gonna get in the draft’ and they can’t change it, think again!”

There’s a couple of names that seem like sure bets to be moving during the WWE Draft. Click here for some potential WWE Draft spoiler news on a top WWE Raw star that is likely moving to SmackDown.

Thanks to Ringside News for the quote.

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