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WWE provides a medical update on Edge

WWE Hall Of Famer Edge was kicked out of The Judgment group he formed as Damian Priest, Rhea Ripley, and Finn Balor attacked him this past Monday night on Raw.

Balor said he saw clarity after Hell in a Cell where he lost to the group in a six-person tag team match and joining the group was a calling that he refused to fight anymore.

Priest said there was only one thing left in holding them back – Edge. This led to them attacking him and leaving him laying after Priest hit him with a chair as a way to write Edge off television.

WWE announced on today’s The Bump that Edge "suffered a non-displaced orbital floor fracture."

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It is unknown when Edge will return to the ring. WWE has internally moved Edge to the babyface side of the roster following the attack. As previously reported, Edge wasn’t on board with what WWE had planned for the group going forward.