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WWE ran an NXT ad during Sunday Night Football on NBC

NBC Sunday Night Football WWE NXT

One of the last things you would expect while watching Sunday Night Football on NBC is to see an ad for NXT but it happened during a commercial break shortly after 9 pm eastern.

I am pretty sure this is the first time an NXT ad has run during an NFL game and the first time they've run an ad on a major broadcast network.

It's a sign of the times, WWE apparently feels they need to ramp up the advertising to get NXT ratings to catch up to All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite.

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It will be interesting to see what the rating will be for the show this coming Wednesday night for the second week of the Wednesday Night War.

AEW Dynamite won the first week in the ratings war drawing 1.409 million viewers to NXT's 891,000 viewers.

NBC is under the NBCUniversal umbrella (along with USA Network) so it's likely that we'll see more ads like this across their networks.