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WWE Raw (10/14/19) viewership drops for night two of the draft



The hype for the WWE Draft did not help the ratings for this week's episode of Monday Night Raw.

This week's show drew 2.28 million viewers. That is down from the 2.67 million viewers they drew from the Draft that took place in April.

Raw was up against the Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions game that drew 13.34 million viewers on ESPN and the St. Louis Cardinals vs. Washington Nationals National League Championship game that drew 3.65 million viewers.

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It's clear that fans were not as interested in the WWE Draft like they were in the past and part of that may be because of the Wild Card rule that was implemented a few months ago. Many of the draft picks announced have been appearing on both shows for months so the draft segments came across flat.

Here are is the hourly breakdown for this week's Raw viewership:

Hour 1 - 2.52 million viewers

Hour 2 - 2.32 million viewers

Hour 3 - 2.00 million viewers