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WWE Raw: Brock Lesnar says he's not cashing in MITB briefcase anytime soon


Brock Lesnar kicked off the first and second hour of this week's Monday Night Raw to continue the tease that he would cash in the Money In The Bank briefcase.

In the second hour, Seth Rollins confronted Lesnar and told him that he's a shell of the man he used to be.

Paul Heyman read the details behind Lesnar's Money In the Bank contract and Lesnar learned that he has a full year to cash in so he decided to wait. Lesnar ended the segment by saying "screw you" to Rollins.

For what it's worth, Lesnar is scheduled to be at Super ShowDown so don't be surprised if he cashes in on that show.

Here is the card so far for Super ShowDown:

Goldberg vs. The Undertaker

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WWE Super ShowDown will air live on Friday, June 7 at 2 pm eastern on the WWE Network.

WWE is hyping this show as being the equivalent or bigger than WrestleMania.