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WWE Raw: Firefly FunHouse featured swear words and Alexa Bliss' tongue trick



This week on the FireFly Fun House, Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss dedicated their segment to the "RKO."

There were some bleeped swear words from Abby The Witch and Bliss reminded her that swear words are forbidden in the FunHouse.

Wyatt said that Orton was a very bad man at one time but the past is in the past. At this point, images of Orton setting Wyatt's house on fire a couple of years ago were shown and Wyatt got serious.

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After that, it got dark in the room and Bliss' tongue got super long and the segment ended with Wyatt saying, "holy sh**."

UPDATE: Later in the show, Nikki Cross tried to talk some sense into Bliss but, as you can see below, it did not go so well.

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