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WWE Raw: Has Kurt Angle retired?

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WWE Raw: Has Kurt Angle retired?

Several readers have asked us about Kurt Angle’s status with WWE going forward. Last week on Monday Night Raw, he was destroyed by Drew McIntyre and it certainly looked like Angle’s last match…at least that is what WWE wants fans to believe.

On this week’s show, Drew McIntyre cut a promo on Angle and bragged about making him cry. The announcers made it sound like it could have been Angle’s last match.

The reality is that Angle has continued training and he fully expects to wrestle again. He’s been working off ring rust and he has been healing up after dealing with knee issues. Angle said in a Facebook Q&A that he hasn’t been happy with his body looked but he is making progress.

Vince McMahon will allow Angle to continue to wrestle as long as his body holds up. According to WWE sources, Angle is feeling pretty good these days thanks to a clean diet and his sobriety.

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